Any SAHMs of Older Children?

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I'm new to this forum, and have a lot of questions. This happens to be one of them that's been bothering me.

My Daughter is an only child. She's 9 years old and is in 4th Grade. She has ADD, so she can be quite a handful and very challenging. My Husband is a Teacher. We aren't well off, but we do fine for the 3 of us.

Most of my Mom friends work full time, and they are unbelievably stressed. I feel like the only one in my circle of friends that slacks. We choose to live low key-no after School sports for my daughter, no going 150 MPH on weekends to attend games. Both my Working friends have their children in every after School sport, including weekends, and they never seem to stop. I know they're both tired because they tell me so, and I also know that they don't really respect me. It's nothing they say directly to me, but they often comment on other SAHM's so I know they must feel that way about me.

I suffer from undiagnosed ADD, and have considered treatment for it. I have a lot of spinal issues and I'm in chronic pain. I do work Bi-monthly-I clean a house for a Co-worker of my Husband's. My Husband and I also clean a Church every week on Friday afternoons, so there is extra income coming in. I know I shouldn't, be I have so much guilt.

I hope I'm not the only one that feels like this! Any opinions are welcomed!

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Eve - posted on 01/24/2014




I'm a SAHM of three precious children -- from newborn to teenager. Although I used to love my full-time job, it got to the point where the stress was not worth it anymore, and on top of that, I always felt guilty for not being there for my children more. I've always helped my children in academics, and encouraged their extra-curricular activities, but I don't think we go overboard. Especially since I had a baby, we've slowed down a bit. We actually look forward to our "lazy Saturdays" when we can just bake cookies, watch movies, play together, etc. Sometimes I do feel guilty for not bringing in the extra income I used to, but I just think to myself how priceless those moments with my children are.

Zeinab - posted on 01/24/2014




Hi im a stay home mom i never worked in my life i take care of my 5 yr old and 2 yr old , im a full time mom and im proud of that , some times i dont go out for a week because i dont want go lose any minute of my kids life , so do what you feel good for u and your family , and good luck.

Courtney Lynn - posted on 01/24/2014




Good evening,
I am a stay at home mother of three (an we are expecting as well) for most of my children lives. Call me old fashion but I PERSONALLY believe that is were a mother should be, at home tending to her family . Though many seem to chose different things . Do what is best for YOU PERSONALLY.

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