Any Spiderman craft ideas?

Toni - posted on 01/28/2013 ( 4 moms have responded )




Trying to find stuff online so pooling my resources. Let me know!


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Alina - posted on 02/02/2013




My son is sooo into Spiderman! Okay, don't know if this will help. Make webs on a balloon or on paper using dental floss or yarn. Make Spiderman cupcakes by buying the white frosting and using the blue and red food coloring. I buy the white cake mix, use the red and blue food coloring for the cupcakes. Then I put red icing on the blue and blue icing on the red. Pipe the webs onto them with remaining white icing. Use pool noodles to make a Doc Oc costume or a foam action figure (he's from the 1st Spiderman movie). Make a web in his room with yarn and tack it up with clear tape. Make a lamp shade by buying a plain white drum shade. Cut out Spiderman figures from wallpaper or fabric and attach to the shade. Make a mobile by cutting out or drawing different Spiderman movie characters. Attach on criss-cross popsicle sticks with floss or yarn. With cardstock and Spiderman stencils, make different kinds of cards. Get a chocolate cookie and black licorice. If you use an oreo, take the back off one. Keep the icing on. Lay the licorice down first to make the legs of the spider. The cookie can be the body, the icing is the glue. Use small pieces of the licorice for antenna, and if you want red eyes, use cinnamon candy pieces like tiny red hots. Hope some of this works!

Cleaver - posted on 01/30/2013




there is like im not sure what its called but papier mache with string on a balloon to make spider webs thats all i got my son is 2 st we mostly color, paint, and play doh

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