any suggestions for a 15 month old who gets car sick??

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please help! my 15 month old daughter gets car sick w/ only about 15-20 minutes in the car. we are trying to figure out a schedule to run errands when shes hungry or its not working please help


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We're all so used to hearing the tales of putting the baby in the car to soothe them and help them go to sleep. But babies can get carsick too. If your baby suffers from motion or car sickness in the car, here are some tips to help prevent the queasiness when they are riding in the car:

* Feed them ahead of time - avoid giving them bottles or other food while they are riding in the car and to prevent them taking a car ride on an empty stomach. If they get motion sick, an empty stomach will increase the queasy feeling and offering them food while they are queasy isn't the best idea
* Give him toys to play with or adjust his seat so he or she can see out the window - sometimes when you focus on the world or other items, you can avoid the queasy feeling
* Sleepiness can be your friend in overcoming the queasy sensation of riding in the car - so if you have a queasy little one, try to time your car rides for when he or she is tired. Chances are greater that they will go to sleep and their queasiness will vanish
* Practice driving more slowly, frequent accelerations and breaking can increase queasiness in even the most calm of stomachs - if there were ever a reason to become a more smooth driver - then this would be it

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