Any tips on making tummy time more enjoyable for my baby?

Marcie - posted on 12/17/2009 ( 5 moms have responded )




Logan was born 6 weeks early and is now 12 weeks old (Adjusted that is 6 weeks). He needs more tummy time but isn't thrilled to be on his stomach. Does anyone have any tips that may make it more enjoyable?


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Erika - posted on 12/17/2009




My daughter was a not a fan of tummy time either. I suggest that you lay on the floor with him and play games like peek-a-boo etc. That would help my daughter last a little bit longer.

Hope this helps a bit!


Hady - posted on 12/17/2009




If u place him on a rolled up baby blanket then place a mirror n front of him 2 look at him self this worked w/ my son when he did physical therapy really well also any toys that light up and make sounds is good also.hope this helps.Good luck and continue 2 ask any questions u need to.

Vanessa - posted on 12/17/2009




My son hated having to get on his tummy but my boyfriend found a way for him to enjoy it. What he would do is lay the baby on his stomach like that Isaiah would play with his father's face and learn to lift himself up.

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My daughter never liked tummy time no matter what I did. I've come to discover that some babies just don't like it. I did end up putting her on my shins and doing a "crunch" back and forth. She didn't get so mad since she could see more. I also tried putting her on the edge of a couch or sofa - sitting by and helping support her of course. She eventually had to deal with it when she learned to roll over from back to belly but didn't know how to go back. She screamed pretty hard for the first few naps when it happened, but she is now a happy toddler who usually sleeps on her tummy.

Stevie - posted on 12/17/2009




i dont think there is really a way to make it more enjoyable you can try and get down on your tummy also and make him laugh my son use to like tummy time until about this time last year when we got back home after christmas and all i did was put him on his tummy for a few min maybe for 5 min at a time and several times a day i normally would do it after he would wake up from a nap esp when he was older and on a better schedual and id lay him on his floor in his room while i picked up his room or something and one day i got him up and i put him on the floor and he still didnt like tummy time but i went around picking up his clothes and i went out to the hall way to grab a mess bag for dirty clothes and i came back in his room to a baby on his back so it worked and just let him cry and he will cry but 5 min of crying isnt going to hurt him

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