Any tips on weaning kids over night?

Martha - posted on 11/29/2011 ( 1 mom has responded )




I have an almost 18 month old and I'm ready for restful nights. My oldest had to wean at around this age bc I had #2 on the way and my milk just wasn't there. She would try and nurse, cry, then I'd give her a bottle. Once the nursing stopped so did the waking at night. Crying it out at night isn't an option for us, but gentler sleep encouraging has never succeeded, it basically means I wake up frequently and sometimes share the bed with my baby. I have gently without too much complaining managed bed-time my daughter goes to bed by herself while I sit in a chair close by (gradually I intend to move the chair further and eventually out of the room). I thought when I did this the night time wakings would gradually stop, but it has been a month and they have not. My daughter mostly only nurses at night (not b4 bed but when waking), unless she is teething/sick/uncomfortable. I am ok with not nursing if that results from night time weaning. ( on occasion it makes my skin crawl and I feel like a teething ring) I know that sounds terrible, but when she strokes me and doesn't need to nurse I get agitated. I want my body for my husband ;) I just would like a gentle way to wean at night. I have tried giving her a pacifier in place, but she gets furious with me, any suggestions?


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Hi Martha. All of those skin crawly feelings are normal. Sometimes we just feel touched out. I night weaned my daughter around 18 months. I slowly transitioned to nursing for smaller amounts of time and then would rub her back, rock or cuddle her back to sleep. Look up Dr. Jay Gordon's night weaning method. There are more helpful tips there. Congrats on nursing this long. You can night wean without fully weaning, it just takes time. Good luck!

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