anyone else having trouble taking care of kids that aren't yours?

Joyanne - posted on 07/11/2011 ( 1 mom has responded )




At my church I am in the nusery for 2 hours-I use to be a Pre K teacher and LOVED IT before I had my daughter- ever since then I just can't stand to hold or take care of other children, my question is-Do you have this same problem or am I just being a very bad first time mommy?!?


Ashley - posted on 07/11/2011




no its not just you.. I wanted to go to school for E.C.E early childhood ed basically daycare worker... but I found out I was pregnant just before I was due to start school so I took some time off ... after having my oldest I found I didnt want to do that line of work any more ... I love my children but the thought of dealing with other peoples children just doesnt seem like fun now ... I have seen how other kids act and think umm I want to be in a room with kids like that with out being able to give them time outs or nothing .. (where we live when children act up or anything in day care they are told no and nothing more then that and then a note goes home to their parents .. by the time they get home nothing gets done about the behaviour so they just keep acting that way) so I didn't think that is the job I wanted any more ... I have found the same thing with my neighbours little guy hes the same age as my oldest and he is a terror I use to watch him alot but now my kids think its ok to act like that .... so no its not just you

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