Anyone elses kids decide to tell you about there day when you say ok bed time???

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Does this happen to any one else as soon as i say bedtime thats when all the conversations start and the chatter starts,half an hour later im still saying ok bed time..How do you get your kids to just get ready for bed when you say and at a decent time???


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Yes i also have a 12 year old she seems to be the worst,she is still up and its 9.15 i have been asking since 8.30pm to hurry up .. my 10 year old listens a bit for my 3 year old she is the easy one..the older they get the harder it gets i think anyway..yeeeks..thanks Trisha..:-)

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I have to start "nagging" at them about 1/2 hour before it is actual bedtime. I also get the "read me a story" "today this happened" and "oh ya I forgot to go to the bathroom or get a drink" If I ask what book my 7 year old wants a good 1/2 hour before, then I will read it to him as it gets near to his bedtime. As for my 12 year old, I just keep asking him if he made sure everything is done and said before he has to turn out the lights. They are also seeing what they can get away with. Good Luck:)

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