Anyone ever been pregnant while on mirena???

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Ok this may or may not sound crazy lol. My daughter will be 2 on tuesday and I got Mirena when she was about 4 months old. Feb will be two years since I got it. Lately I swear I feel pregnant. So tired I fall asleep sitting up, weight gain, migraines non stop, thirsty ALL the time and now this week AWFUL heartburn. I never get heartburn. I only had it while pregnant with Ashlynn. I took 3 cheap walmart tests last week and they were all negative because I swore I felt movement. Am I just crazy???? I haven't been to the doctor because I have SO many medical bills right now from other medical condtions :(


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The Mirena emits a hormonal birth control as one of its 3 lines of defense. The synthetic hormone emitted is designed to trick your body into thinking it is pregnant so that no egg is released each month.
Often, if your diet, exercise, stress levels, etc. in your life change, it can cause a shift in your naturally produced hormones. Coupled with the synthetic hormones in the Mirena, it is common for many women to feel "ghost pregnancies". It doesn't take a big change--some women have complained about feeling pregnant after a simple schedule change. It should sort itself out after a couple of months. The tell tell sign is feeling movement way too early in the pregnancy (aside from the negative tests). Usually, what you are feeling are gas bubbles moving along the wall of your stomach or intestine, but the hormonal imbalance causes them to register as fetal movement.

That said, if you are still feeling off after a month or so, you need to see a doc.


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To be honest I don't keep track of any periods I do have. They aren't regular though and they aren't real "periods" maybe just spotting randomly here and there. It's so weird because a few weeks ago I noticed my lymph nodes swelling in my arm pits also which was the first symptom I had when I was pregnant with Ashlynn. I will wait and take a better test and see what it says. I wish I could just take out the mirena but my husband isn't loving that idea:/

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If you were truly feeling movement from a new pregnancy then you would certainly be far enough along to test positive on a Home Pregnancy Test. Usually you can get a false negative if you're not far enough along yet... like only 4 or 5 weeks. But you certainly would not be feeling a baby moving if you were only 4 or 5 weeks... and not at 6 or 7 or 8 weeks either.

How have your periods been since you got the mirena? Do you still get a monthly period or have they stopped for you? My daughter is almost 3 and I got my Mirena when she was about 4 months old also. I don't get a monthly period anymore, but sometimes I get a few symptoms.... though not as many symptoms as you're talking about.

Wait another week, take another test. Make sure you check the expiration date on the package before you purchase it. Wait till the next morning, and use the first pee of the morning to do the test. If it's negative and you're still having symptoms then you need to go see your Dr.

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