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Hi, my son is 8.5 months born @ 37 weeks. He is a very active little guy, he rolls both ways, has started crawling, likes to get up on his hands and feet. He loves to pull himself into the sitting and standing positions and he's starting to cruise. But he does not babble. He is pretty quiet. He went through the squealing stage for about a month then stopped right before he started to crawl. He says "ahhhhh" "hi" and I have heard "mommom" a couple times, na and da. He hums himself to sleep and he makes lots of closed mouth noises. He also loves to make the clicking noise with his tongue. My concern is that I see him moving his mouth trying to say "dadadada" but no sound comes out. I am not sure if this is progress or cause for concern. I was just wondering if any other mothers have experienced this. He communicates in every way besides babbling. Has great eye contact and loves playing games like pat-a-cake and peekaboo. His hearing is fine, I can whisper and he will turn and look at me. He is pretty content just playing on the floor quietly. He does make lots of noises when he has a toy in his mouth. The "mouthing" of the words and the overall quietness have me concerned. Has anyone else had this experience?


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My son just turned one last month and he use to do that ALL the time. I was really concerned too and asked his doctor about it. His Pediatrician said it was him teething and he was just moving his mouth.

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