Anyone feel like they are in a wonderful relationship?

Morgan - posted on 11/18/2009 ( 10 moms have responded )




I know we all have our complaints, nothing is perfect. But there are just so many threads about the problems we have in our relationships. I would like to brag about mine and hear how other people's spouses treat them well and couples that go out of their way for eachother!

Personally I think my husband and my strongest suit is we communicate incredibly well with eachother. As soon as something bugs us we say it, we call eachother out on snappy or snide remarks, we tell eachother when we appreciate something small they've done and may not even realize it. Being so honest and direct really strengthens our relationship every day.


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Teresa - posted on 11/20/2009




I am! :) I love our relationship! My husband is the best thing ever...I'm pregnant with our second child and have been incredibly sick. Even after a long day of physical work, he'll come home and make supper and take care of our 21 month old so I have a little bit of time to just kick back. He doesn't complain if our house is completely torn apart. He know's not to take it personally when the prego hormones kick in and I get all moody. He's so sensitive to how I'm feeling and always wants to take care of me. Pregnancy aside - communication (and keeping God at the center of our relationship) is definitely how we make it through. Of course we go through those rough patches, but we always say that our worst days are better than some couple's best days and we thank God everyday for that! Oh - and always trying to out-do each other in doing nice things for the other person never hurts. :)

Thanks, Morgan, for giving me a chance to brag him up and to read other women's stories of successful relationships! Very encouraging!

Margaret - posted on 11/20/2009




i love the fact u hav put this post up!! u dont see many happy stories, i feel lie a very luky lady also. i was in a terrible relationship for years (the father of my children) and i come out of it ok. i have been with my partner now for a little over 12mths nd we r great, he repects me and treats my children as his own! i am extremly lucky 2 have such a great man in my life:) i think your post will encourage more women to find the good in thier relationships not the bad. GOOD ON YOU!!!!!

Christi - posted on 11/19/2009




i know the way that things were before children and i think my husband hangs the moon and the stars, but currently things are difficult. no nothing is perfect, but around here we are lucky if a day goes by without an argument. i thought children were supposed to complete families and make them stronger, and all it has done to use is wedge us further and further apart. i tell people all the time, i love my husband, i just don't like him.

Dawnetta - posted on 11/19/2009




I feel so blessed to have a husband that values my investment in our daughter! It can be so easy sometimes to get caught up in small negative parts of being a Stay-at-home mom (especially when you don't have a "textbook baby"). I cannot imagine not being here to raise her myself & it is so wonderful to have a spouse who agrees & makes it possible!

Hellen - posted on 11/19/2009




Morgan - what a wonderful idea!! Like the other ladies, I, too, am a blessed woman! Celebrated our 10th Anniversary this month - we met on a blind date 12 years ago! We've been through a lot (infertility, miscarriages) and we simply get through it together. He is my rock & my foundation. Being married to your best friend makes the little stuff easier to manage. We talk through things and argue well (no name calling, no yelling). To others, it usually doesn't even seem like arguing! LOL He is a good man and a fabulous father to our 2 little girls and I am so grateful for him every day and I tell him that as often as I can!

Thanks, Morgan, for bringing this up & allowing us to share!!

Shaina - posted on 11/18/2009




GREAT POST! Every single day I am thankfully for all he does. Every morning when he's done getting ready for work he'll crawl back into bed with me cuddle really close give me a kiss and tell me he loves me and our son with his whole heart. (he say it even when he thinks I'm still asleep. He'll also go in our sons room and wisper to him 'daddy loves you' but always quiet enough not to wake him : ) We have our bad days (as everyone does) but we ALWAYS talk it out. He'll stop me when I start to get snappy and I do the same to him. We tell each other how we feel when we feel it so it doesnt eat us up. OH! and we tell each other how much we appriciate how much work we do to support our family. I couldnt be happier even on our worst days. : )

Carol - posted on 11/18/2009




What a great post. I'm in this group too. We just celebrated our 10th anniversary in September and we couldn't be happier. We met at an interview - I was the interviewee and he was the interviewer for a job. I got the job and he called his mom and best friend and said he found the person he was going to marry. One month later we were dating and 6 months later we were married. I couldn't have kids supposedly (Thank God a thousand times over!!) in a previous marriage yet 2 weeks shy of our first anniversary our oldest was born. I think our key is respect, trust, and caring. We talk through anything. He went to school for psychology so that helps I think.

Leanne - posted on 11/18/2009




I, too, am very blessed! My marriage is strong because we make time for eachother. We put our relationship first before all else. We accept eachother as well. So many couples try to change one another thinking that if they love the other enough that will change them. That does not work. If I do not like something my husband does then I call him on it and if that does not work (and sometimes it doesn't) then I pray that God takes away my anger and allow me to accept my husbands shortcomings just as I am sure he accepts mine. I do demand he treat me with respect and kindness though. We have been happily married for 17 years and with four kids I feel we are still in love and VERY blessed!

Patricia - posted on 11/18/2009




Morgan, My husband and I are also lucky to have a Wonderful Marriage. We call it Brutally Honest. We say what is on our mind when it is on our mind. If you can not say how you feel to your spouse, than who can you vent to? Key words: Respect each other. Love each other. Support each other. We spoke our vows when we were married 7 years ago and we still follow our vows. I am blessed!

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