Anyone have any fun activities for when it's too cold to go out?

April - posted on 01/18/2009 ( 6 moms have responded )




Hi! I have 2 boys (4 yr. old and 16 months) that are going crazy being stuck in the house(Me too). We have a fun outing planned once a week, but can't afford to go out more often. I'm looking for some ideas to have fun and burn excess energy for them. There are a few free things in my area, but the timing never seems to work w/ nap schedule.HELP!


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Laura - posted on 01/19/2009




I take my son to the Library once a week for him to play and then we get some books and moives. He loves it and looks forward to it each week. I have also taken him to the mall to the play area(usually right before or right after lunch, not alot of children then), and just let him run and have fun.

the YMCA is and can be a nice place to take your child to, I worked at a YMCA in the babysitting room before, I loved it, and I miss it. If you get a membership you can get the babysitting room added on for little or no charge, I know where I worked alot of mothers would bring their children in, and then go set down out in the front just for a little break.

Do you have any kid-friendly paint and paper and if they are old enough stickers and buttons, and all different kinds of things like that- I always keep the paper towel roll, and the TP rolls-my son loves making all kinds of things out of those. And I keep all of those things in a spot where he can get to them(has to ask of course), but I already end up having the most fun with him doing those kind of things with him.

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This sounds goofy, but blow up some balloons. We have a great time playing catch with them, tossing them into the hamper, bouncing them on noses, etc. You'll have to watch the 16-monther closely in case one breaks, but it'll keep them amused for quite a while. (Just the static-hair trick alone is worth it!!!) Have fun!

Eugenie - posted on 01/19/2009




What about bringing summer indoors? Open the blinds and curtains to let in any sunshine available without letting the cold in too, then, set out beach towels and get a beach ball out and play,you can even get some of that new Moon Sand and have a beach day indoors, have a picnic on your beach towels. Sometimes I will even let my kids wear their swimsuits and play with beach toys in the bathtub. Plus, bath usually makes them sleepy, which is great right before nap time.

Carolyn - posted on 01/19/2009




Is there a YMCA close by that has an early years center that you can go to?  Or I go to the mall just to let my son walk around.  He is 14 months and full of energy.  This way he has lots of room to walk around and its indoors and if you don't buy anything then its free.  Or you can look for a playgroup in your area.  That would get you all out and socializing with people your ages.

Elizabeth - posted on 01/18/2009




I like to go to the mall early in the morning and walk. It helps me find time to exercize and it is something to get the kids out and keep them moving. This works best before the stores open. :)

Jodi - posted on 01/18/2009




I have 2 boys (5yrs, 3yrs, and 1yr.) we like to have indoor picnics before nap time. The boys get to pick what they want to make (popcorn, pigs in a blanket, small finger foods, etc.) then we get a nice calming movie, spread blankets on the floor and turn off all of the lights. After the movie the boys curl up on the blankets and take their nap. It's a win win situation for all of us. I get some nice calm time with the boys and they think that they're getting a big privilege.

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