anyone have some postive or negatives about a mirena iud

Cathie - posted on 10/19/2011 ( 3 moms have responded )




anyone have some postive or negatives about a mirena iud , need some help deciding , thanks


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i have it.. and besides the spotting on the beginning.. its been fine...I think you have to know your body, I never had a problem with birth control, and I have tried almost every one, besides the shot.. When the OBGYN placed it, I didnt feel like.. I check the string every month, no biggie..I still get my cycle, but its really light(yippee).. I am 27 with 4 kids.. it was either the mirena or getting my tubes tied.. and soo far I am satisfied.. You just have to remember.. every birth control has side effects!!!

Sara - posted on 10/20/2011




I had the Mirena IUD put in about 3 months after my daughter was born. I had it for the past two years.. at first it was not so bad except, of course, the spotting on and off for the first few months daily. Then my period went completely away and would come back for only a day or two every 6 months or so and would be so light only to need a pantiliner. I recently had to get it taken out because it was causing me a lot of problems. Each month you're supposed to check for the strings to make sure you IUD is still in place and for a while I couldn't feel mine, but had it check by my OBGYN and it was fine. Well, they found a Fibroid tumor, which is odd as I'm only 22 and one wouldn't get it until she is about 35-40. So far that's not causing any problems but the IUD was causing a lot of pain on my right side, it felt like a stabbing pain in my right ovary. The IUD also caused me to get a uterine inflammatory syndrome which just get everything inflammed and needs antibiotics to bring the swelling down, no biggie just causes me a lot of discomfort. Anyway, the pain I was getting they found no reason for it. i've had the IUD out for the past two weeks and amazingly haven't had much pain at all. This pain btw was coming every single day about 3 times a day and was sooo excrusiating that i almost went to the ER because it was so bad.. if this was a few months ago I would've recommeded the iud, I do not recommend it now! good luck with your search for birth control!

Kellie - posted on 10/20/2011




I personally would never have this put inside me, but my body also doesn't react well to things like this, I retain fluid and become moody etc. I don't like the Implanon or the Injection you can get for those reasons and the Marina gives me the willies lol

Google it, there's a shitload of info on it :D

This is just one link,

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