Anyone in Denver, CO?

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My family is moving to Denver in 2 weeks and I would love to meet some SAHM's that live there. I'm also wanting to get involved with a playgroup and other mom's and kids outings so if anyone knows of anything like that I would love to have the info.

Also just general info about CO, the weather, the people, the styles, good places to shop and eat, etc. We are moving from Houston, Tx and besides for the year here in Houston I've lived my whole life in East Tx so quite a change of scenery and weather!!! Looking forward to adventures ahead.


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Hi there!

I don't live in Denver, but I used to. And my in-laws are there so we visit quite a bit. Denver is fantastic! There are a lot of options.

First of all, do you know what part of the city you'll be in? If you like to work out, there are some great stroller fitness classes. If you go to, you can search for groups near Denver. There probably 10 groups that meet all over the city. When I visit, I go to the Highlands Ranch group, which is south of the city in the suburb of Highlands Ranch.

Lots of suburbs and neighborhoods have rec centers that you can join (some, actually, your HOA fees will include membership to the rec center), and there are lots of activities there.

Obviously, the mountains are great. You can take a weekend getaway--or even a day trip--up to some great mountain towns. I'm partial to Breckenridge myself, but they're all pretty cute. Estes Park is a nice place. Apparently the hotel from The Shining is there. Rocky Mountain National Park is beautiful. You can drive along Trail Ridge Road and it's absolutely gorgeous. Trail Ridge Road is usually closed from I think September to March-ish because of weather.

If you go south, the Colorado Springs area has Pike's Peak (kind of touristy, but somewhat fun nonetheless) and Garden of the Gods.

If you like sports, the teams there are fun to watch. I've been to a couple of Broncos games and several Rockies games and they're pretty fun. Oh, there's a breakfast place called "Snooze" near Coors Field that's pretty yummy. When I'm out in Denver for Thanksgiving I'm going to try to get to a Nuggets game, and possibly an Avalanche game as well. We'll see.

In town, Cherry Creek Mall is one of my favorite areas. The mall itself is nice, but in the few blocks directly north (Cherry Creek North) there are a lot of fun boutiques, shops, and restaurants. There's an art fair every summer (July, maybe?) in Cherry Creek North that's pretty fun.

Downtown has 16th Street Mall, which is basically an outdoor promenade. Also kinda touristy, but still can be fun to go to. I love going there during the Christmas season because they use tons of little white twinkly lights to decorate.

Also downtown is an area called "LoDo", which stands for Lower Downtown. It's basically on Larimer and Market streets, between about 16th and 20th. Give or take a few blocks. There are a ton of yummy cafes, bistros, and bars, as well as some super cute boutiques.

Speaking of Christmas lights, there's always a great display set in the area by the capitol building. They traditionally leave those lights up until the Denver Stockshow in January. Also near the capitol on Colfax is a small hole-in-the-wall kind of place called Metro Grille...I think. It has a red awning. Anyway, they have yummy burgers.

The original Chipotle is on Evans, a few blocks west of Downing.

On Downing, several blocks north of Evans is Washington Park, commonly known as Wash Park. Wash Park is pretty big. It has two ponds, tennis courts, basketball courts, a few playgrounds, grass and sand volleyball courts, and several streets that are for walking, running, rollerblading, biking, etc. I love to meet friends there and walk with the strollers. There are stroller fitness classes that meet there, too.

The people are really nice. They tend to be a little more on the individualistic side (I'm from the midwest and was used much more of a community-oriented mentality), but it makes sense because most of the people who have the itch to move to Colorado are adventurous and have a strong sense of self to begin with. Still, though, really really nice people.

The weather can be odd. Basically, snow is fair game any time between Labor Day and Memorial Day. People don't start planting gardens until late May or early June because there's always the possibility of frost. That said, it can snow for two days and then be 70 for the next week. It really keeps you on your toes.

As a whole, Denver has a pretty "young" vibe. It's a great city, though. I hope you enjoy it there!

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Hi there, we live in the Lake county area.....but we drive two hours to go to church in Denver. It is an awesome church so if you are interested in a church with great childrens programs it is Cornerstone Baptist church on meade street

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