Anyone the mom of a child with high functioning autism or Asperger's?

Sarah-Anne - posted on 08/02/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




my daughter is three and we are starting to suspect she may have asperger's syndrom. a cousin on my side of the family has it and my husband's sister has a mild form of autism (among other mental disorders). wondering if anyone else has a child with asperger's and what signs and behaviors the child displayed that led to a diagnosis. Our doctor just wants us to keep an eye on her and says if anything were to develop more she would be recommended for testing by her teacher once she starts school next month. should i leave it be, or mention this to her teacher? i'm somewhat at a loss here


Kristy - posted on 08/05/2012




Definately mention it to her teacher. Giving them a heads up to possible signs you see should be welcomed. They can definately help you determine what testing may be necessary. Trust yourself and dont let anyone talk down to you. They should be glad to help direct your child to in the best possible way. Dont hesitate to check with your doctor or find a homeopath doctor or something. Hopefully you've found some good websites with info to help. Or read about it from books you borrow from the library. Go to a selling site (ex. Amazon) and search books on mild forms of autism or Aspergers and see which books sold the most or got the best comments or whatever. Then you can borrow them from library to get a start. Good luck and God Bless.


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Savahnat - posted on 09/24/2013




My son is 3 and he was diagnosed with high functioning autism, or Aspergers. Aspergers is diagnosed if there are signs and symptoms like with autism, but there is no delay in speech. My son has an extreme avoidance of social interactions, and he has a lot of sensory issues. He has some pretty bad emotional outbursts, which is more common in Aspergers then even in classic autism. But you should be aware that girls on the spectrum have slightly different symptoms then boys do. They are usually more able to fake their way with social situations. But if there is any sensory issues you should have her tested through your local school district.

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