Approaching a babysitter about percieved rude, demanding behavior

April - posted on 10/29/2016 ( 3 moms have responded )




So, I have a babysitter who is an acquaintance from another friend. We met at a party and got to talking and one thing led to another and she ended up becoming a part time babysitter to my 7 year old son. Its been about 2 months and everything was great but recently her attitude has changed. At least with me. Everything seems the same between my son and her and seems happier than ever, but she has become increasingly short, demanding and greedy with me. When she drops my son off she won't even say hi to me but stand there with her hand practically out. If I pull out my wallet and I hand her $ she usually crinkles her face, and sees that I have extra cash in my wallet she will ask for an extra $5 to $10, then just take off. Not even a thank you or have a good night. Am I wrong for being taken aback by this? Btw, I give her the same amount that she has been getting since she started and that we both agreed upon. My son likes her but the attitude is really starting to irk me. I'm not her personal piggy bank and I don't like being treated as such. Any advice, tips, solutions, or even stories would be great. Thanks guys!


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Michelle - posted on 10/29/2016




You don't have to use her if you don't want to.
What do you need her for? Like Sarah asked, why is she dropping off your son instead of you picking him up? Most babysitters will be at your house anyway, not taking the child to their house.
There are a lot of things that don't really make sense with your post.

Sarah - posted on 10/29/2016




She is dropping your son off? Why are you not picking up your son? Also do you not have a written agreement that states payment, times, etc.?

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