Are there any decent toys anymore???

Colette - posted on 05/18/2010 ( 17 moms have responded )




My baby boy is 10 months old and shows NO interest in most modern toys as there seems to be no educational value. Everything I see pretty much enables them to push a button and hear a noise WOW real educational. Please any idea's of toys I can make myself or somewhere that sells DECENT toys.


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Christina - posted on 05/21/2010




My son loves things that he can fit in, make and pretend with we bought lots of toys but the home made coulda been trash stuff he loves the most... things that make kids use there imagination are great... get a big card board box and let him decorate it! make noise makers out of empty bottles and rice, beans, sand (hot glue it shut so it doesnt end up in the carpet)... tornados in bottles and oil and water in bottles are fun to all of it can be used for fun or educational! sticks and tp rolls... all the silly little things we would throw away is treasure to them... make play dough with him let him stir it and feel it.

Trinity - posted on 05/21/2010




I have 15mon. twin boys and they both LOVE cars. any cars. also, I worked at a preschool for years and we would make toys out of plastic water bottles. Just fill them with anything that makes different sounds. Like rice, bottons, ect. Just make sure the lid is tight. you can even super-glue it on. Another fun idea is putting water, veg. oil, and food coloring in a plastic bottle. Kids of all ages just love these things. GOODLUCK!

Clare - posted on 05/21/2010




Hi, Am in uk too I bought my daughter some Melissa and Doug toys,on line. Make treasure baskets for you lil one. Can include any natural materials you can find from wooden kitchen utensils(safety first) to tea strainer. You can have different themed ones,colours,shiney objects etc...look up on line "Treasure basket ideas" and make your own at a fraction of the cost.

Myra - posted on 05/20/2010




My older daughter who will be 2 at the end of this month never really liked toys, either...still doesn't. Don't discount the value in pushing a button and something happening, though. That does teach them the beginnings of cause and effect. That's pretty important...but not something that can't easily be taught by you. My daughter loved being read to, playing with a soft rubber ball, and really, more than anything, she liked watching me do the things I needed to do to keep the house in order. We have spent a lot of time outside; she LOVES that. Has since she was a tiny thing. I take her out and let her touch trees, flowers, etc and tell her what those things are, how they feel (like the tree is rough), the colors that the things are, the shapes that those things are made of, etc.

At 10mo though, the majority of toys are just teaching basic skills since most kids that age still don't have great us of their hands; they can't really twist their wrist to turn things really well...they can't walk, and they can't really communicate. The toys do get much more interesting in the next year or so.

Amy - posted on 05/20/2010




I found that my kids favorite toys after legos were toys from discovery toys, they are simple and are all educational. I have six kidsand these are the only toys that my kids consistently play with. alot of the toys allow them to use thier imagination. I happen to be a consultant for discovery Toys. If you would like a link to my website, please send me a message.

Holly - posted on 05/18/2010




Try The Toddler's Busy book to get really simple toys from things laying around the house... e.g. Water bottle filled with colored water and small coins or trinkets. (my baby can't get the lid off, or you could super glue the lid just to be safe..

Then take a look at LOVE LOVE LOVE that site!

Amy - posted on 05/18/2010




My sons favorite toys are pots and pans with a wooden spoon to bang on them with... He will be a year old tomorrow. He also enjoys the game Jenga. He loves to knock the tower of blocks over and put them all back into the container. he also like the push the button toys just because they make noise. I have also found that a hand held mirror keeps in entertained the longest... Hope this helps.

Jamie - posted on 05/18/2010




i like the toys like blocks with the letters on them so they can start looking a letters or the rings that stack becouse you can say the colors of the rings then next thing i like is the little eopple blocks

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My little girl is 10 months and she loves to stack things and put smaller things into bigger things. I just got regular kids plastic cup and one of those stacking rings. They are pretty much the only things she plays with regularly!

Jeannine - posted on 05/18/2010




Nesting cups, my daughter has a very colorful stack of 10 cupps that her grandmother bought her when she was 7 months old. She is now 22 months old and still plays with them. They are plastic so they can be washed, different colors so as she got older I was able to tell her what color was what & on the bottom there are different pictures on them so she can learn tose as well.

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Totally agree! I bought a lot of "quiet toy" and good old fashioned toys at Ikea. I think they have one in the UK? Got stackers, blocks, nestings cups, abacus, etc... super cheap, too!

My little one is 16months and I end of using lots of pots, wooden spoons and other fun kitchen utensils (great for when you're in the kitchen trying to get things done!). Also filled up old water bottles (big & small) with sparkles & water, beans and any other things that make lots of noise and look fun & colourful.

Another fun place to look is at a local Teacher's supply store. Sometimes they have great pre-school and kindergarden supplies/toys there.

Hope this helps! Good luck :)

Susan - posted on 05/18/2010




my son loves fisherprice peeka blocks and also the beed maze like the ones at the doctors office, he has no interest in battery operated toys besides im glad i won't have to replace expensive

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My son loved the big foam blocks at that age (actually he's 5 years old now, and he STILL loves them). Also, wooden blocks, but if they have paint on them (it's hard to find the natural ones here) I would wait until he's done teething or putting things in his mouth, just in case.
Really, from the time he was about 6 months up to around 3 years, that's all he really played with on a regular basis. Then he discovered Imaginext and he likes those now....

Kristin - posted on 05/18/2010




I really like the Melissa and Doug toys, Circo (@ target), Parent's brand. See if you can find a real toystore in your area. Good luck.

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