Are there any moms that feel like I do?

Elizabeth - posted on 04/13/2010 ( 8 moms have responded )




I had a career before I had kids. I liked what I did but decided to stay home cause I didn't want to miss out on anything. Three kids and 10 yrs later I'm still at home but yearn to accomplish something for myself. I don't know where to start or what to do but if I don't figure something out soon I feel like I'm going to lose more of myself. Any advice?

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Fiona - posted on 04/14/2010




Hi Elizabeth,
I'm not sure what things you'd like to do that are just for you. Maybe it would help to build up to it slowly if finding time is a problem. Perhaps there is something you can do from home either voluntary or charity or to earn money or study that you could fit in. Start small then build bigger dreams I'm thinking. Try to do one small thing every day that's for you, or a step towards your goal. Ever if it starts off as twenty minutes of researching at your local library or on the internet.
Good luck!

Jenelle - posted on 04/13/2010




Do something for yourself. This works for me as an decide what will work for you...I love sports, especially soccer. I coach soccer on my time, when the hubby is home to watch the kids I go out and have my own team to coach. It makes me feel like "me" again. Not just wife, or mother, But ME!! I enjoy my kids dearly, and love being a stay-at-home mom, but unless you find something that is just mom-in-law does a sewing class, my mother does computer classes, my sister likes to hike and take pictures...whatever it may be.... Just anything that gives you an identity!

Sam - posted on 04/13/2010




It took me only a year to feel like you do now. I have 4 kids and feel like my life involves nothing but them. I use to have my sanity but that seems to have left with the job. I havent gone back yet but i am going to start looking and i am not going to be picky about what the job is. Working at walmart right about now is sounding really good and i went to school to work in the health industry. The only advice i could give you is if you really want to get out of the house and start working, just take whatever to start just to get back in the groove of things. Being out of the work force for so long it might take a while to get back into it.

Stevie - posted on 04/13/2010




oh yeah i miss working so much but i dont trust anyone with my children and like you i want to be there for them not the baby sitter or day care i am mom right but my plan is after they are ALL in school FULL time i will go back to work part time so i can be there when they are home and i will probably hate that in a way cuz honestly i hate doing anything before noon lol i cant sleep that long so waking up and going to the rest room before noon is idealy all id love to do so much for that lol but im an afternoon evening and night person so im sure for awhile it will be hard but in order for me to still be me i think thats all i can do is just take what i can i enjoy being home and being a stay at home mom my kids come first and for most and i honestly plan on taking on a fast food job like arbys cuz that was my very first job and i miss it lol and im ok with that but if in any way i have no problem looking at anyone saying hey i am gone and outa here my kids need me and ill do that to my boss when i start working again lol good luck just go out and look for that job that can satisfy your need and want to work part time even your kids are ok and if you have part time you still have time home and wiht the family

Dianna - posted on 04/13/2010




Hi there I don't know if this will help but, I am 33 and the mother of 3 small children first child just turned 4 and I am struggling to potty train tried everything! Second child just turned 2 and she is just a little lively trouble maker! And my Third well he is only 4mths old. I am very depressed and struggling not to go insane in the 4 walls of my small apartment. What does make me feel a bit better is a at home corresponding course of cosmetology which is quite different from nursing and i find it fun. I was also looking to do a part time like selling Avon just work from home. You'll never miss out on your children growing up, u will always be there when they need you. You work your own hours and you meet new people. Do what makes you happy and what makes you feel you! We all need a little get away and sanity in our lives even if it's going out to work a couple of days full-time or part-ime or doing something from home. We just need a little life of our own back! Hope I was helpful, all I know is that i go nuts with 3 small children i am starting to feel really lost!

Oliver - posted on 04/13/2010




I'm 24 and I'm a first time mom so I'm probably not the best to answer this. But I feel, it's never too late. Have you seen that commercial where there's a bunch of people, all over the age of 40 and they're all saying "when I grow up I want to be....". It was showing it's never to late to change your career or take the first step to invest in your dreams.

When I went to school, there was a guy that had been a doctor for years. He was 40 something and had decided he no longer wanted to be in that field. Weird, I thought at first, but I totally understand.

If you want to pursue something, just do it. The worse thing you can do is not try. There's so many ways to start out. Develop a plan, if you need to, go to school, financial aid is available for moms, think what the first step towards your goal would need to be, and take it. Talk to your friends and loved ones for support and help. There are tons of groups on the internet alone where women like you are in the same boat and are looking to move forward.

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Beck - posted on 04/13/2010




wow it has only taken me 2 years to feel that way, I feel there is nothing of me left it's all the family. I'm sorry I have no advice but I doknow a bit of how you feel. I hope it works out soon. If it helps I keep getting told to get a hobby :)

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