arrowroot cookies/ baby mum mums, when?

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Was just wondering as my babe turns 6 months on the 2nd, when is it appropriate to give arrowroot cookies or those baby mum mums for example? Or any kind of finger food for that matter?
I started my son on cereal at 4.5 months and baby food a little ofter 5 months as he was showing nice signs of wanting to try. We're currently on 2 small meals a day consisting of cereal and fruit for breakfast after bottle, and veggie and fruit for dinner after bottle.


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I hated baby arrow root cookies, the babies tend to suck on them till they get moist and then big chunks break off which I always had to grab out of their mouths... try those new puff things in the baby section, much safer, if you want something for teething try freezing some mini bagels, the frozen bagel will numb the pain from teething and what they get off of it will be so mushy they wont' choke

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Paula here in Australia in my local supermarkets it recommends 12 months because they are hard and choking hazard. My son's 8 months, been on solids since 5 months, can chew most things but even something as simple as an arrowroot biscuits he'll choke on a bit. He snaps in it half the second I give it to him so I won't give it to him. He has a cruskit which melts in his mouth thought. Sweet biscuits don't need to be given to children anyhow..they are full of preservatives, salts, sugars, and well to me I'd rather give my son the best start in life by offering fruits, yoghurt, meats, toast, cheese over a biscuit. My son has 5 teeth too so too. Maybe I'll give him a biscuit or two in another 2-3 months when he is a bit older.

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You can try the mum mums rice crisps now. I gave my son them at 5 months and he loved them. They melt quite easily so choking isnt really a factor. When he gets used of chewing/gumming the cookies than you can start really soft finger foods.


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Kira - posted on 09/08/2010




thanks everyone for your imput :) I looked on the box of Baby mum mums and it all it says is they can have them when solid food has started. I know that theres Baby mum mums and also Todler Mum mums...anywho i will try some of your suggestions. Thank you!

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My kids all loved Mum Mums! From about 5 months on (they started rice cereal at 4 months) I would give them a Mum Mum while they were in their play station chair and they loved it!

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I give my kid those Baby Mum Mums even though they say 12 months plus, he eats them up. And entire Cruskits and Arrowroots and scotch fingers.

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I thought mum mums were recomended for 12 month plus I started my son on them at 10 months but he had a few teeth. He started arrowroots at 11 months. Before then I gave him rusks and small pieces of toast to get used to chewing and swollowing. Dont think you need to rush into hard biscuts for another month or two

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When they can sit up on their own is when you want to introduce finger foods. please dont feed your baby the arrow root cookies! They do not dissolve well in the mouth and your baby can choke on them! Try those cookies when your baby has teeth to chew them. Good Luck!

Heidi - posted on 09/01/2010




I gave both of my children Mum Mums when they could sit up on there own. They are nice because they dissolve so quickly and they can't really choke on them. Never heard of the arrowroot cookies so I don't know about those. Good Luck

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