Arts and Crafts and Activites for toddlers!

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I am looking for different arts and crafts activities, plus other play activities for my two toddlers. I have a 1 1/2 year old and a 2 1/2 year old. Let me know what your kids favorite activites are to do and what you need to do them. Thank all of you fellow mothers in advance.


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I make paint for my daughter and she loves it. Just mix a little plain flour with enough water to form a paste at the consistency you think is right. add a few drops of food colouring to make whichever colour you'd like. I wouldnt suggest you allow the kids eat it because of what food colouring can actually do to such small bodies but it is a lot less harmful than paints you can by as it doesn't contain preservatives or nasty petroleum by-products. The paint can be stored in the fridge for up to 5 days, so make small amounts as you need them. (we personally avoid colours, preservatives and chemicals in our diets and life, so the eating paint thing is up to you) You could also use some sponges or potatos to make stamping shapes for with the paint like we used to have at primary school back in the day.

Your kids are also at a good age to introduce to gardening, my daughter has been helping me in the garden since she was one! You can recycle and old vegie box (available for free or $1 or $2 at fruit and veg markets, just make sure it is cfc free, it'll be stamped on the bottom), a hand basin or something similar. If you have the money and aren't big on recycling you could buy a planter box for each child and buy a few seeds to get them started. You could probably pick up some free seeds from a grdener in your area, I find heirloom or Open Pollinated are best at germinating and growing well. Depending on your current season, pick something that will germinate and grow fairly fast and easily so the kids don't think it takes too long and get bored. Maybe radish or pumpkin, snow peas are Hannah's favourite, sunflowers are good too. They'll love to take out their own little can or jar of water each day to water their very own plants, you can even encourage to save a little of their own bath water (depending on what they wash with) or catch a little rain to emphasize the importance of water conservation. Have a look at some organic gardening websites as they are more likely to have sections and ideas for littlies gardens. If you haven't got good soil in you yard you can buy organic soil and compost at your garden centre, a mix of half of each is best for vegies. If you make compost at home you can brew it into a compost tea to feed the plants instead of relying on chemicals which degrade the soil life by killing the natural microorganisms that make the soil live and help to feed the plants. You'll also be reducing the nasties you're kids are exposed to and eat.

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My kids loved finger painting at that age too. I would strip them down to their underwear and let them paint on paper and themselves, then carry them up to the bath and clean them up. They loved it.

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I worked with toddlers at a daycare and we always did lots of projects. You can make paper plate animal faces: they paint a paper plate whatever color the animal is, then glue on ears, eyes, nose and mouth. They can also make collages if you cut out shapes for them. My toddlers used to love gluing shapes to paper, they called it "pat pat" because we told them to "pat pat" the pieces down! You can cut out pictures to make like a landscape or something. You can also make handprint pictures that will make great keepsakes. You can make turkeys for Thanksgiving, peacocks, bunnies, crabs, and butterflies. Finger painting is always a big hit. We also used to put a little dollop of shaving cream on a table and let them play in that. It's a good sensory experience for them. Just make sure they don't eat it! And it's actually pretty easy to clean up, just use a dry washcloth. Sidewalk chalk is fun too. My son is only 7.5 months old, but I can't wait to do all these things with him!

Stacey - posted on 07/27/2009




My son used to love finger painting. In the summer it is easy to do outside. We also used alot of stickers on plain paper.

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