Aside from the ferber method anyone have any advice on how to get my 9 month old son to go to sleep?


Anna - posted on 11/18/2009




A long play in the bath (with a few drops of lavender oil added) helps my 11 month old go to sleep. After that, I lie down with him and nurse him to sleep. If he's not sleepy, I play with him for a while in the bedroom with only a dim lamp on. We don't stick to a schedule - I look to him for cues that he is getting tired.
Also, look at his day time naps. Are they too late in the day? Are they long enough? If he is not getting a good nap of at least an hour, he could get too overtired to sleep at night.


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Julie - posted on 11/20/2009




Begin a night time ritual. I began with a warm bath every night at the same time (7:30) I used the bedtime bath wash and lotion. I then followed a dvd regarding baby massage and rubbed lavendar oil on his feet while doing the foot portion. Keep in mind lights were dim and soft music was playing. This always relaxed him and led him right off to la la land. Most importantly was just the consistentancy of the schedule. Good Luck!

Renae - posted on 11/20/2009




Hi Raedeen,

I might be able to help. I have an 8 month old only just recovering from a feeding disorder caused by reflux and colic. Feeding disorders affect sleeping because hungry babies do not sleep. So I have literally tried every method there is and have done loads of research. My baby has now been sleeping for 4 hours at a time at night for 6 weeks, better than waking every 1 hour!

But I need to know more. What time does he get up in the morning? When does he usually nap during the day? How does he go to sleep both during the day and at night? (ie you rock him, put him in his cot awake, etc) How many times does he wake during the night and how does he go back to sleep? I totally relate, for months I couldn't get him to bed before 2am and spent hours in his room every night. Sorry for the 20 questions but I need to know a bit more in order to comment. :)

Amanda - posted on 11/19/2009




I agree with Susan, when my son was that little around (7mo) I decided to make a schedule because he wasnt going to bed early enough. I laid him down the first night at 7:15 (it was still daylight outside!!) He cried for maybe 3 minutes tops (the longest three minutes of my life!) but then it stopped like a light switch. The next morning he didnt wake up until 6:30ish.. then the next night I laid him down the same time and he barely fussed! It took like 4-5 days then all of a sudden it was like 6:45 and I could tell he was totally exhausted and READY FOR BED - I laid him down and he was FAST asleep! I don't regret laying him down that early for a minute - I needed that time in the night as a break! Now that he is almost 2 I have still had him on that schedule (naps from 12-2) and he goes to bed about 8-8:15... I miss those 7:00 days but hes more independent now and we're about to put him in a big boy bed which I'm sure will be interesting! Anyway - I found out that the earlier I laid him down the longer he slept!

Susan - posted on 11/19/2009




My advice is routine routine routine! I have both my kids ona routine and it saves my lfe. My daughter is 9mths old ges to bed at 7:30-8pm and sleeps until7-8am. So my sugestion s to get him on a daily routine for feeding and napping. My daughter takes a nap at 9-10am, and and again from 2-4pm,
He will fall into a schedule just make sue you put him down at thesame times everyday and he will eventually be crying at 8pm to go to bed because his bodies knows his schedule!

Jessica - posted on 11/18/2009




Alot of babies cant sleep when they are over tired, so you need to look out for those first sleep signs like pulling ears or rubbing eyes, then put him down then. Also Amanda is right babies like to know what is coming next so if you put him on a routine it will be much easier to put him down for sleeps as he will know it is time to sleep. At 9 months it might be a little harder to get him into a routine but if your persistent it will be much better for you and him.

Amanda - posted on 11/17/2009




do you have him on a schedule? it helps.

what i do for my 10month son is his bedtimes at 9:00pm i dont let him nap past 5:00pm because i know he wont sleep at night. so maybe play with him hardcore then bathtime then bottle and im sure he will be so tired from the playing that he will go right to sleep. thats what i do it may take some time but im sure it wil work. good luck you can always talk to your pediatrician for ideas to.

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