At what age are men too old to have kids?

Beck - posted on 10/04/2010 ( 14 moms have responded )




I'm just curious as to what people think as we as women have a bit of a time limit and things start getting difficult over 40 tho many mums still have babies then. But what age does it start getting weird for a man to father kids? You have to take into consideration whether he will be able to play with them,or how old the child will be when the father passes away which these days the male life span is around 70-80 or so isn't it?


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Any of us could die at any time so i dont believe that life span should come into it. My family as a history of dying youngish, before we reach sixty whereas my husbands family all seem to live into their eighties. So i suppose theres more chance of me dying before my husband anyway so does that mean i shouldnt have kids? My parents were both dead by the time my youngest brother was 17, does that mean they shouldnt have had him because they wouldnt be around to watch him marry and have kids of his own. He seems to be enjoying his life regardless. I think as long as theres someone to take care of the kids if something happened then it doesnt matter what age you are.

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Well my partner is 45 and we're ready to have more kids. Although my first isn't his he's still a great father and is always ready to help. To be honest i don't see age should matter with males. They don't have the time limit we do

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Like women, its up to the man and if he is capible of raising a child at an older age really. Personally I am 24, pregnant with my second child and my fiance will be 40 at the end of this month. It may seem like a high age but he has more energy and stamina than I do!! As for being potent, Dr's said my grandfather was fertale well into his 70's, even though he wouldnt have the ability to actually go outside and play catch with the youngen. So it really all depends on the guy and his genes.

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I think it depends on the man and on the couple. If the man is in good health then I say go for it! If he's feeble and in poor health then obviously not. That goes for men at ANY age! Also, older men are usually more financially stable and more settled down. (not to say that younger men can't be responsible but on average older men have had longer to mature)

One more thing - how would "society foot the bill" for kids if one parent dies? There's always the other parent, family members, or friends that can take the child in. Not to mention life insurance! What an ignorant comment.

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My husband runs after four kids and hes fifty he doesnt complain he loves it, keeps him young.


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Denise - posted on 10/07/2010




I think no older than age 50. My father died at age 63 so, if he had me at 50 , I would loose my Dad when I was 13 year old which is sad. It was hard enought loosing him when I was 41 years.

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I think of it in quality terms too. I mean it is ultimately up to him and if he feels up to him...but is he, or if it the shoe was on the other foot, would you want to be chasing small kids around 24 hours a day when you are 50 or 60? Or having your first grandkids at 70 or 80? I am a grandmother of 3 and I am 43. I tell you what, it is wonderful I am also very thankful I am young enough to run around with them. Albeit it was a shocker at 37 when my 17yr old daughter said umm mom, guess what...

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I'm 23 and my husband is almost 40 and we are trying to decide whether we will have another one and my husbands concern is he will not have good health to be able to play with the kids etc. He has bad knees already from doing stupid stuff when he was younger, as well as his back is bad. I'm not trying to rat out my husband he is a good man and has his concerns But I want to be able to help him out so I want information to help us make a decision. Do you think his concerns are valid?

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I just had my fourth baby 5 weeks ago and my husband turned 50 just before he was born. The only reason we arent having any more kids is because of lack of house room not because of his age. He does everything and more that men half his age does. Just last night he was up to his knees in mud playing baseball with our oldest three, i think the kids keep him feeling young. By the way if he dies before the kids are grown up society wont have to pay a thing because we have no mortgage because hes already bought the house, we have life assurance to take care of us and he has a pension. Plus im not completely useless and could always get a job lol.

Charlie - posted on 10/05/2010




I think of it in terms of how many quality years do i have to offer to my child .

Stifler's - posted on 10/04/2010




Any older than like 50 is going a bit far, even for women. Yes you should be around to raise your spawn not die of old age when they're 10 and expect society to foot the bill.

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I am 24 and my husband is 44. I'm due with our 3rd baby in dec. I guess I look at it as noone truely knows how long they have to live so as long as my husbands wants kids and is willing to help with them now then it doesnt matter about the age he could be when the kids are say 20. But I do have to say we have talked about anything after 45 (which he will turn right after the baby is born is a bit much.

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