At what age did ur child start to use a spoon or fork..

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my son is almost 14 months old and still cannot use one he will try but just ends up playing with it or just holding it.should he be able to do this already.and should he be able to start doodoling on paper all he wants to do is eat the crayon lol.


Kylie - posted on 05/24/2009




My daughter never wanted me to feed her so she was eating with a spoon (messily) as soon as she could sit in the highchair at 7 months and with a fork at 10 months. She was using chopsticks perfectly at around 18 months. My hubby didn't know how to eat with chopsticks when I met him and he was 22. My new baby is 6 months and he has started solids a little bit earlier.. when i feed him we need to have a spoon each or its a battle over who gets to hold the spoon. He sometimes dunks the spoon in his food and shakes the spoon and the food goes everywhere. I think if you give your son his own utensils and you eat together as a family he will copy you and it may be messy and clumsy but its the only way they learn. Every child is different he will get there just give him the opportunity.

Rhea - posted on 06/10/2009




My son is 19 months old. I give him a fork or spoon at every meal but he still doesn't use it successfully yet. Fork is a little easier. Thanks for all your comments, as I was wondering if I should start forcing it a little more. But in the end, he'll get it, when he's ready. You rarely see kids heading off to Kindergarten not knowing how to use utensils, so it'll come. For now, fingers are just more fun!!

Jocelyn - posted on 05/23/2009




my son is 28 months, and he just started being able to use a spoon (without spilling/flipping it upside down) in the last month or so. he's been using a fork for about a year tho, spoons are just harder! lol he would just get too excited that he had a spoon, he was the same way with a proper cup, just started calming down enough to be able to tip it up without spilling everywhere. every kid is different!


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Anita - posted on 05/24/2009




mine started at 9mths...but it really just depends on his mood...most of the time he just used his hands and sometimes he wants to use adult about 1yrs he tried chop stick(s)...[very funny]... must say most of the food ended u on the floor or his lap when he used a spoon and fork

Jinglebones - posted on 05/23/2009




Children are sooo first had a spoon but didnt use it well til about a year and a fork at about 12-14 months. My second would not let you feed him!! We gave him utensils which he used rather successfully from 6 months - also very good with crayons etc from 1 year. Depends on the child and depends on their experience - just let them experiment and practice...

Ally - posted on 05/23/2009




My daughter is 15 months and has been aboe to use a spoon and fork correctly about 75 percent of the time for about a month now. We are just getting to the point where she can finish er bowl of cereal with more in her mouth than on the floor. And i guess she started coloring about a month ago also...we got the crayola wonder finger paints too and she loves them! She can use her fingers to paint and there is almost no mess to clean up :)

Rebecca - posted on 05/23/2009




My son is 21 months old and still doesn't use either regularly. He uses them more, but still prefers his hands most of the time. Sometimes he holds the spoon/fork in one hand and picks up his food with the other hand. I'm not concerned. I know he'll eventually get it when he's ready. Sure meal time can be messy, but oh well, he's a kid, they're messy :-)

And it has just been in the last few months that he doesn't try to eat the crayon's all the time - he stopped that around age 15-18 months.

Kat - posted on 05/22/2009




Every kid is different. My first was coloring by 9 months but didn't successfully use eating utensils til he was almost 2. My second used a spoon/fork around 10 months but didn't figure out how to draw until after age 2. My third is 3 and still has a hard time with both. My fourth has been feeding herself since around 8 months, and now that she's 2 has fallen in love with scribbling on everything that even remotely resembles paper. As far as eating crayons, just make sure they're non-toxic =P

I'm guessing you're a first-time-mom and love to "spoil" your son. That's great! Sometimes babies who get the most attention will be a little slower than others with this kind of thing, only because they like having mommy spend time with them.

No worries!

Kate CP - posted on 05/22/2009




My daughter was able to spoon feed herself (with moderate success) at 9 months old. But, I had also been allowing her to feed herself for 3 months. Yes, I put down tarps and donned a raincoat. He will learn how to do it especially if he sees you and other people eating with utensils correctly. You can try having him hold the spoon but you guide it to his mouth. Use something REALLY tasty like chocolate pudding or a really sweet fruit. Then he has a real reason to get the spoon in his mouth! :)

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