At what age is a child ready for chapter books?

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My daughter is only 4 and unable to read yet but I was wondering if she would be able to follow a longer book spaced out over a few days or weeks.


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The more exposure she gets to books the better. Fancy Nacy, Junie B. Jones and American Girl series are all short chapter books that would probably keep her interested.

Avery - posted on 01/09/2010




I think the books that have the shorter chapters would work great, i love reading to my little boy, and i would read to my sister, she understood most of the words, and i would hope that maybe that would grow her imagination

Lori - posted on 01/09/2010




YES!!!!! its not about the story its about hearing the words and if there are great colorful pictures the better. what i did with my daughter and now my son who is 4 is pay attention to when they get a little distracted or bored and stop then pick it up again the next time. sometimes i think i dont read enough. My 6 year old is now reading and is getting into chapter books for 1st. graders so I have her read a lot.... check out the book section for 1st and 2nd. graders for insperation so you dont get bored. Have a great day.

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