ATTENTION SOLO MOMS! Young solo mom trying to find her career path

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I am a young solo mum trying to find a career path to go down but I don't have a lot of support around me, when it comes to my child. I would really like to start studying again and have completed a short health science course last year, and also an animal care course which was suppose to lead into diploma of vet nursing but I decided it wasn't what I wanted to do, after I found out I was pregnant.

I've found out the hard way how much it costs to raise a child, actually I have 2 at the moment (my brothers daughter as well). I'm really wanting something that can pay the bills and leave me with a little something left over to enjoy with my 2 girls and to put in savings.

I don't have any passions apart from music, but I can't even play an instrument so how far is that going to get me lol. I figure because I am good at science and math I should study something to do with that, but at the same time I am not so good with english, so it kind of limits me to what I can do. Here is a list of things I am contemplating doing

-Occupational Therapy

Not sure if my english skills are up to pa with those degrees, but I would definitely like to give it a crack. If there is anyone who could give me some advice on other things that I could do or just some advice in general, that would be much appreciated. Especially if you are a solo mother studying! :)

Also I am 24 year old stay at home mom and my daughter is going on 3. I am also looking after my brothers teenage daughter who is 16 so it's safe to say I am at a point in my life where I am stressing out. Almost like a quarter life crisis. :) I feel quite unsure of myself, friends are moving on with their lives and I have found some of those mothers groups to be quite intimidating, especially when your a solo mum who hasn't got much to show for herself. Anyways study is where I am heading hoping to not only come out with a degree of some sort but a better understanding of myself.

Advice & tips Please :)


VG - posted on 04/07/2014




Hey dear, I just read your post. I am not a carrier or education expert. I am SAHM like you. (It's just a suggestion don't get me wrong) what I feel is your daughters future is more important and she is growing very fast. now it's time to choose your path. I will say just choose a path and stick to you path and success will definitely follow you.

Wish you a good luck.

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