Attire for a SAHM?

Ann - posted on 12/26/2013 ( 5 moms have responded )




I was just curious as to what some moms wear at home during the day being with their kids. I try to be "feminine" and I do wear VERY casual clothes at home since i'm always busy. I don't have time to dress myself up just for my husband when he comes home from work and hang out for a couple hours then go back to bed. Why get dolled up and all fancy for him, when 95% of the time i'm not going out anywhere, im elbows deep in dishes, laundry, housework, errands, taking care of the kids and cooking. Where do I have time to dress up, let alone get a shower in the morning or god forbid actually put makeup on or brush my hair haha basically im a hobo. Yet some days I feel like I should look better put together but i just don't know how to go about it. My husband suggested one day I should put on a nice dress or skirt and I laughed in his face at such a thought. Any feedback is appreciated :D


Only1Chance - posted on 01/02/2014




I know exactly how U & other moms below feel & I can relate. My daughter is turning 3 this year&I have a 5yr old I finally have energy, a little bit of time2fix myself (sense I breastfed her for almost 2 years!!) Let me tell u at least u make an effort when ur husband comes home & thats awesome because girl I didnt I just felt 2 exhausted!! I barely got dressed 2 go out in public, pony tail & all lol. Well now, actually this past year I've been making an effort 2 do so. Ive been trying my hardest 2 wear make up every other day (which id like to everyday!) Paint my nails, try to dress up even though I have the same few outfits but hey at least im trying (not to mention we are also on a budget but that doesnt stop me from finding really nice stuff at yard sales, thrift stores, & clearance racks when I have the means to do so). And Ladies we do have to make an effort for our men. Like I told my husband after he said "I think you look good even when u don't wear make up" (because hes noticing the change)& I said to him im trying because I don't want you to leave me for one who does wear make up & dresses up. He gives me no reason to say that BUT honestly Ladies THINK how did I look what did I wear when we met and fell in love??? Because honestly truth be told I doubt my husband would have given me a glance the way I sometimes keep myself. So TRY.. I had TRIED to wake up extra early (5am)2 prepare my house & maybe get some make up on maybe you should try that (wake up early go to bed early!)which reminds me i need to get back on track. If u have babies I know that can b exhausting trying to wake up so early but you'll feel better about yourself and maaaybe get extra attention from your husband ;). Yes its unfair! But men are visual creatures & we actually are a little as well! I mean we ALL WOULD NOTICE IF A GOOD LOOKING MAN WALKED IN THE DOOR!!! (uugh your favorite actor...etc lol) so no matter how much our men love us they too will notice a good looking girl walking in a room. Am I right or? May God Bless You All hope this helps...

Emily - posted on 01/01/2014




I've always liked athletic clothes, even before I was a SAHM. Jeans/sweat pants and sweatshirts have always been my faves. BUT, lately if I'm going out/running errands/meeting friends I've been wearing long oversized sweaters and's the same amount of comfort but looks trendier.

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I know what you mean about not finding time to dress up. I only make an effort to look nice if we have guests over. Most days I just wear the same thing I slept in. When I do manage to put proper clothes on its usually the first thing I find in the dresser.

Michelle - posted on 12/27/2013




Only a man would say something like that. Tell him that when he dresses up for you for a few hours at night then you will dress up for him. You could even tell him that you will dress up for him when he takes you out for a romantic meal without the children.
Your husband should love you for who you are, NOT what you are wearing. My husband says I sexy in anything and that's the way it should be.


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Melissa - posted on 01/03/2014




Haha, it's pretty hard to look good when you have little ones, my husband a while ago said to me 'I can't remember the last time I saw you not wearing tracksuit pants', but I had morning sickness, and 2 kids to look after, so I feel I had an excuse. But i did take notice, and tried to put more effort in. i wear jeans and oversize but cool tshirts and vans or chuck Taylor's, or pretty but comfortable dresses and sandals. Hair and make up makes a huge difference ( well for me anyway!) but i probaby do that only every 2 days. I think mums should prioritise showering, and dressing decently, above all the chores and other things though. Becuase the men do notice, plus other people we come into contact with. If you dress like a hobo you will probably get treated like one. But dressing nice costs money so as long as they are paying.., on that note my husband also prefers me to have expensive looking hairdresser hair and gets annoyed if I colour it or cut it myself, but we can't really afford hairdresser right now so I don't know what he expects me to do really.

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