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This is Jessica Normand I have question that has been weighing on my mind for about a yr now... But now its coming down to the time i need to make a decision.I have a almost 11 yr old girl and 8 yr old boy.But we have been thinking about having another baby I'm almost 31.My husband will have to have vasectomy reversal.My girl wants the baby really bad but my son isn't really all for it.I just keep thinking about my children are that age and im gonna be starting from scratch so to speak lol.But everytime I think about now bringing another wonderful baby in our family it breaks my heart. So here is the question well its not really a question but some advice from other moms.I really want a baby but my children are 11 and 8 and we will have to get the surgery and im 31.What do yall think??? Thanks so much for any advice y'all can give.Is there any moms out there that has asked them self's the same question?


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Hello Jessica,

Follow YOUR dreams!! "If you want another baby?" (Have that little he/ or she!!!)
I have 6 children ages 5 years, girl, 15 years, boy, 24 years girl, 26 years, boy, 29 years, girl, 31 in Oct. Boy, 3 grandchildren, lol.. I was 2 weeks from turning 42 when I had my last child. I have had little ones ALL my life! I would not change a thing!!! They make my heart beat, because I feel so loved, and will never be alone. They are mine and Gods gifts to me and I will cherish them forever and beyond.. I had reversal surgery with my 15 year old 15 years ago because I wanted to have another child. =) I am now 47 years old with a 5 year old, and 15 year old still at home, which lightens my day everyday and will not allow me to get old!! =) ♥

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I have a 10 year old, and an 8 year old.

I then miscarried two, and thought I was done.

Then I was surprised and blessed with a now two year old.

Then came the shock- my 1 year old!!

If that's what you want, then I say go for it, and good luck!

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If you want another baby then that is all that matters. I am 8 years older then my sister. My cousins are 9 years old, nearly 10 then each other. I have an uncle, and he has a brother 21 years younger then him. 31 is not old to be having a baby, most of my Mum friends are older then that with their firsts. If your husband wants to have the surgery and it won't be a huge burden on your family then why not go for it!

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The ages of the older kids are fine. Don't worry bout the boy not wanting another. #1-he's a boy and they are usually not as excited as girls. #2-right now, he's the baby of the family. He'll need some time to adjust. If you and your husband want another and he's ok having the reversal, go for it. You're not too old. You might feel like you're starting over. But unless you have a whole new life planned that will start the minute your current youngest turns 18, there's nothing wrong with "starting over". It's only an 8 year difference, that's not too bad. Just make sure that you and hubby are both sure that you want another baby.

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My boys were 8 and 6 when I had my daughter and I was 35. She is from my 2nd marriage though and my husband didn't have to have a reversal.

I know a couple that the reversal didn't work and they went IVF and ended up with twins so you may have to be prepared for the reversal not to work.

Actually I know 2 couples that it has happened to.

Good luck with whatever you decide.


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Your son most likely isn't too keen on the idea because he wont be the baby anymore. My niece was born when I was 7, and I hated her and had huge jealousy issues. I did however, get over it once she was old enough for us to play together. After that we were pretty close for years.

At 31 you should be fine health wise, depending on what your previous pregnancies were like.

The surgery will mean more money is being spent to get pregnant, but it sounds like that is worth it to you.

Jessica - posted on 07/12/2012




I want to thank all the moms out there!! Y'all have helped me so very much!! Thanks from the bottom of my heart it has helped more then y'all will ever know..:))))

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I have a brother who is 13 years younger than me. I moved out of home when he was 6. That is all.

Stephanie - posted on 07/05/2012




I think it's awesome! Go for it!
My husband's brothers are 6 and 10 years older than him and he remembers great times with them.
Having kids close together has it's benefits, having kids further apart has benefits, too.
It's a wonderful idea!

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