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My daughter is 6 months old and has eczema that's only been getting worse lately. She has also always been pretty congested, and today started having a very runny nose (no fever). She rubs her eyes a lot and tries to scratch at her face and scalp. (At the beginning of eczema onset, she had claw marks on her poor head when I'd get her from her crib in the morning.) She sneezes a lot and has slight wheezing sometimes.
I feel like these signs all clearly point to allergies, however she is too young to be tested. We have a dog in the house, and she sheds a lot. I know this can be a major trigger for eczema/allergies (as well as dust mites & mold). I brought up the idea of the dog staying with my boyfriend's mom for a little while so we could see if it would make any difference in our daughter's symptoms. At this point there is only so much we can do to make her less miserable since she is too young to even have otc allergy medicine. My boyfriend denies the dog has anything to do with our daughter's allergies and eczema flare ups, and refuses to do anything (like even acknowledge the connection) until there is proof in front of him.
I can admit that I may be wrong about the pet dander being an issue, but I'd rather do what we can to figure out how to help our daughter than to sit back and wait until she's old enough for testing. She was born early and suffered a stroke in utero. While for the most part she is a happy, healthy baby, she is developmentally delayed in some areas and already has to work harder to try and catch up. If there is an area where I can do something to help make life easier for her, like eczema and allergies, I want to do whatever I can. It frustrates me to feel like my boyfriend doesn't think that way, too.
Please, any advice on easing allergy/eczema symptoms would be greatly appreciated. Also, any advice on how to address the issue of the dog with my boyfriend would also be great.


Michelle - posted on 04/07/2018




You really do need to find her trigger and your boyfriend should be putting his child before the dog.
Surely his child's health is way more important than having a dog.
Maybe you should let him know that if the dog won't go then you need to go (with your daughter) somewhere that is pet free for a while to see if your daughter improves.
I have lived with a skin condition all my life and it's horrible when people don't believe you in what your triggers are. Mine is bars of soap, I can use any liquid soap or shower gel, but a bar of soap will cause welts all over my body from head to toe.
Your child's health is so much more important than anything else.

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