Baby Fat?

Terin - posted on 07/26/2011 ( 4 moms have responded )




The other day I was talking with women at a play group and it got pretty heated when some of the women had an argument about whether or not you got overweight because of your pregnancy or if you just didn't take care of yourself during your pregnancy. I'm curious as to what you guys think of this. Because I know that getting pregnant can change the way your body handles things.


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Katherine - posted on 07/26/2011




My doctor told me NOT to eat for two. Of course I did anyways lol. I was starving all of the time!

I gained 45lbs and I have a 2yo, I still need to lose the last 15. It's really frustrating. I agree, you do overindulge with the second for some reason...I don't know why.

What an argument to have! This is a good debate to take to debating mums though. Here is the link:

Kacie - posted on 07/26/2011




The 2nd one always does it to you! LOL (at least, from what ive seen from people who have more than one! ;) )

Amanda - posted on 07/26/2011




I think abit of both.
I have seen some people ask for extra portions because they are eating for two, or have said how sick they feel so they can't eat their meals then stuff themselves to the point they are sick on cakes and chocolate.
I have also seen people exercise constantly and still put on loads of weight.
Every womans body handles pregnancy differently just as every woman handles being pregnant differently.
I was one of the lucky ones who lost all my pregnancy weight and more after I had my son. I ate sensibly, exercised regulary and was in better shape after bubs than before. With my daughter I ate sensibly, exercised as much as possible with a toddler in tow put on less weight than with the first baby and ended up weighing the same as before I was ever pregnant. Now I go to the gym 5 times a week, my daughter is 22 monhs old and I am still struggling to get rid of the last bit of my baby belly.

Kacie - posted on 07/26/2011




well its all over true really! some women indulge in the pregnancy and 'eating for two' and have at it. some women take it easy. some women it doesnt matter what she does, the baby fat will stay. and some women the baby fat will melt away the moment she gives birth and she'll look like she was never pregnant (that was me....dont hate! LOL)

i dont think its fair argue who did what when pregnant. like you said, getting pregnant can change the way the body handles things. not every woman's body is the same, not every woman's pregnancy is the same (and certainly not every pregnancy of the same woman is the same!)

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