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Baljit - posted on 04/09/2014 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hi, i breastfeed my daughter till now she is almost 6 month, i would like to start her solid, but confused that should i start normal milk while i breastfeed as well ir should i give mashed food ? please advice. she is happy baby .. Thanks in advance


Whitney - posted on 04/15/2014




As most everyone will say on here ask your doctor. If anything you can leave a message with the nurse and have them call you back. I have been told that if you add any kind of liquid to baby food it should be breast milk or formula because it has nutients that water and milk do not have. If you're boiling food to make your own baby food leave as little water as possible then after it's cooked if you need more liquid you can add formula or breast milk rather than water because it has no nutritional value. I don't think you're supposed to give cows milk until a year old because their stomaches can't digest it properly. Formula/breast milk, veggies, meat, fruit, and very little cereal if not any at all because cereal has little to no nutritional value either, that's it until a year old. Formula has things like folic acid which helps the brain grow and it's basically a vitamin supplement to aid with solid foods. They even have formula for kids a year and older if you look in the formula isle. After a year old you stop with the formula and start giving vitamin gummies to replace it. Hope that helps :-).

Chelsey - posted on 04/10/2014




I would recommend talking to your pediatrician. It is not commonly advised to start them on regular milk until after 1 year old. Maybe you could switch to formal, rice mixed with formula, and solid foods. :D


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