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Diana - posted on 02/25/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




Hi Everyone I have a 6 month old daughter whom I just started introducing baby food to, I have tried giving her pears, applesauce, and sweet potatoes but it seems the only food she really enjoys is bananas!

The baby food I have been giving her is Earth's Best, she doesn't like it one bit! So I have just been mashing up bananas to satisfy her.

Do any of you have any recipes I could try?


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Sheree - posted on 02/26/2010




Hi Diani, My little girl is 8 months and she is mostly eating what we eat now, with the exception of when we have something not healthy. But we started her on the following at 6 months as I never wanted to fed her anything from a jar:
For breakfast she usually has:
farex, weet bix, toast, pancakes or scrambled eggs
Lunch is fruit, or fruit and yoghurt:
kiwi fruit, water melon, rock melon, peaches, strawberries, apples, pears, banana, nectrines, oranges, peaches, mangos and avacados.
Dinner veg include:
sweet potato, potatoe, pumpkin, squash, beans, peas, spinach, broccoli, cauilflower, chokos, zucchini and carrots.
I only puree (magic bullet) apples and pears as she doesnt like them cooked. The rest I just mash with either a fork or potato masher.
But now that she is eating our food since 7 months she has, chicken fettuccine, apricot chicken, roast with roast veg, pork on the bbq, lamb loin chops and veg, meatloaf, spag bowl, rissoles basically whatever we are having for dinner. I dont puree her meat anymore but did in the begining now I just hand it to her and she feeds herself. Babies have one of the best gag reflexes so generally if they swallow something too big they will bring it back up quite easily. Also for snacks if she is hungry through the day, i give her biscuits, yoghurt, toast or custard. A lot of the fruits and vegetables i give to her to fed herself as with the meats.
Hope this helps a little :)

Jessica - posted on 02/26/2010




I use the same site as Bethanie - it's great. My daughter loves veggies but isn't really liking any fruits yet, except bananas! The recipes are so easy. Give it a try if you have the time!

Vivian - posted on 02/26/2010




Whne my daughter was getting into baby food I just boiled food and then put it in the blender just make sure you boil it for a long time.
She only wanted to eat green beans for a while and I would just mix two together like green beans and apple so she would still get some other flavors. She eventually would eat whatever I gave her.

Bethanie - posted on 02/25/2010




A way to switch up the bananas is to mash in some avocados. Or try avocados with some mango baby food puree. Also, you could try mixing some veggies and fruits together tbat would compliment one another. Just watch how much bananas and apples you are giving her because too much will constipate her. Here is an excellent site to check out:

Lots of recipes and info on when to introduce certain foods. Don't be afraid to add some seasonings/spices to your daughters baby food (just skip the salt and spicey things). It will make it a lot more interesting and tasty!

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