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Baby Night Waking

Joy - posted on 07/09/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




My 5 month old has not yet developed a predictable schedule. I thought we were going good on night time feedings. I had worked on her transition to one feeding per night around 3am. This was working really well for us for several weeks. Then, the last few nights she is waking at midnight. I had treated this as a "night waking" and not a feeding waking at first, but she never went back to sleep. Finally, at 2am I fed her and she went back to sleep until 6am. Then the next two nights she did the same thing. Again, not going back to sleep, so I went in to feed her around 1am on these nights. Today she slept after that feeding until 6:45am. I honestly thought we were almost ready to start weaning night feedings altogether. Has anyone else had an experience like this? How do I help her stay asleep for the longer stretch first thing at night so we can work towards no night feedings?

I don't think this is a growth spurt because she is still only waking for one feeding for the night. however, we've gone from a 7-8 hour stretch followed by a 4-5 hour stretch all the way to a 5-6 hour stretch followed by another 5-6 hour stretch. And very suddenly too. We recently started solids and have been increasing them slowly. That's about the only major change we are facing currently.


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Om - posted on 07/17/2013




Perhaps your little one is teething! Teething can cause pain and cause them to wake up in the night. Try giving some baby tylenol before bed to see if that helps. I have a three year old and a four month old and in my experience babies less than one year of age never consistently sleep through the night. My four month old just started sleeping through the night, however it is not consistent. i.e Monday night he slept through the night and Tuesday night he was up twice. If your baby sleeps through the night be happy! If they don't, well then they don't. I wouldn't be worried about how to figure it out. I don't believe in crying it out, never worked for our children and just makes baby hysterical. If you can get your baby back to sleep with nursing then do it! That's what I do! Nurse=sleep, I'm all for it. I don't worry about sleep associations because the first year of life needs=wants. Try taking a look at Dr. Sears night time parenting. The most important thing dr sears says is that we need to change our attitudes about night time parenting.

Melody - posted on 07/16/2013




Have you added a little cereal in the bottle yet? It will help to keep her full longer.
I do not have a nightly schedule where I can stay asleep every night for the whole time. Do not panic, just enjoy the little time at night where you can snuggle and assure her that you are still there.
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