baby not eating

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for the first time ever baby has no appetite? any ideas why?? no fever, no diarreah, doesn't seem unhappy or tummy achy, not gasy either... ??


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Wendy - posted on 04/28/2010




I have 5 children ranging in ages from 16-1 and they all went through a stage like this where they did not want to eat.I took to doctor to make sure nothing was wrong.Doc's advice as long as the baby is happ and looks healthy and they are drinking then everything is fine.just keep an eye on them.And teething is a strong possibility.Good Luck!

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How old is ur child?

Teething?! That would be my guess.....other than the occasional drool from the corner of my daughters mouth and the loss of appetite I never knew she was teething......she didn't have any of the regular rosy cheeks, no fever.....she wasn't fussy or cranky at all! Loss of appetite is often associated with a teething's so hard to know! Good luck!

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