Baby's first airplane ride

Jackie - posted on 02/18/2010 ( 5 moms have responded )




Any suggestions on keeping my VERY active 10 1/2 month old entertained on a 5 hour flight?


LiA - posted on 02/18/2010




I had been on 3 hours flight back to my hometown twice with my baby girl when she's 4 months and 10 months back then. She sleeps all the way when she's 4 months. I always took early morning flight to my hometown so my baby can sleep longer while in flight because it's still their sleeping hours. I'll bring along her favourite toys as well to keep her amused, and don't forget cool teething rings for babies needing something to chew. One of the main sources of discomfort for infants traveling on airplanes is the change in cabin pressure when taking off and landing that'll causes pressure in the ears and can be quite painful for the baby. Prepare for this by planning to nurse or give a bottle or pacifier to the baby during take-offs and landing to help alleviate the pressure. Hope it helps... ^_^


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Nora - posted on 02/22/2010




When my daughter was 8 months we took a three hour flight out to Orlando, Florida. She did great. Just bring a bobby or nursing pillow. Bring some snacks. My daughter loved those wheat flavored puffs. If your lucky, your kiddo will sleep most of the trip! :)

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Just bring all of their favorite toys and maybe a couple brand new ones.. Some books, extra diapers in case of layovers or canceled flights, and some extra outfits. Sometimes you can have the worst of luck flying, or sometimes you can have the best of luck =)
Just try to keep them entertained the best you can. I flew overseas to Japan when my son was 5 months old, and between flights and layovers, we traveled over 22 hours. It was a very long trip, but luckily, my son was great! He only cried the last hour of flight, but I was about to cry to, because I was exhausted! LOL... You'll do fine. Don't worry =)

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I have 3 small children and fly almost every year to visit my dad in Arizona. My pediatritan suggested giving them Benedryl and it works great! Mine have a hard time sleeping on a plane at that age and the Benedryl helped a lot. The other thing that helped was lots of snacks, sippy cup, books, small magnadoodle, or some favorite small toys that are quiet so not to disturb other passengers. I would not bring balloons. They would scare a lot of people if one popped. Not to mention that balloons are a big choking hazzard for that age.

I would always have 2 flight with a layover. One flight is about 5 hours, the other is about 2 hours. My kids always got compliments on how well they behaved on the plane. Good Luck! I hope this helps.

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A baby blanket, which is good for multiple uses (peekaboo and where is the toy).

Plenty of snacks. Snacks are a great distraction for a bored or antsy child. A baby blanket, which is good for multiple uses.

Drinks. Bring along favorites in a sippy cup or bottle.

Lots of new toys, or old favorites that have been hidden for a few weeks. Avoid noisy toys that will annoy passengers.

Stickers and sticker books (Sticker books have the advantage here; their stickers are reusable if stuck on their specially surfaced pages, whereas a sticker placed on paper is there for good — Which is fine, too, but a sticker book prolongs the activity.)
Tiny plastic animals, cars, or dolls
Inflatable balloons, tons of fun.
MP3 player with some of their favorite music
Extra pacifiers, or your baby's lovey, special blanket, or toy
If you have to a portable DVD player and a movie.

I have traveled with my son on over 50 planes since he was 6 weeks old (I know earlier than they should fly) and the last time he was 16 months. I have always filled a gallon size bag with separate baggies of different toys. One baggy would have chewing toys, another with cars, another with light up toys, and so on. The one thing you have got to tell yourself is even if things turn out horrible those people you are flying with may hate you for that flight and may be in a conversation or two with their friends but the next day your child will be the last thing on their mind. Relax and stay calm, they will read if you are stressed.

p.s. my flights were between 45 min and almost 5 hrs.

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