baby's first birthday..really excited...!!!

Suchita - posted on 06/06/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




hey moms please give suggestions for first birthday party....!!!


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Suchita - posted on 06/09/2010




thanks evrybody...moms in dallas u know ny hall for remtals for the party..?

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I would disagree with Amy. Keep it simple. You don't want to overwhelm your little one and make them scared or cranky during the party. Invite your closest friends and family...the people your child is comfortable with.

If you expect a lot of kids to come, have it at a park with a playground. That way the kids stay entertained without you having to come up with a lot of games or crafts. And you can focus on YOUR little one. Also with other kids, you'll want to get party favors. Don't waste money on all that little plastic crap they won't use anyway. Choose one nice item and buy enough for the kids expected. I went to the Dollar Tree and got each kid an Elmo (the theme) coloring book. Last year I got each kid a big water gun since it was a water party (found at the Dollar Tree for $1 each). My sister in law went to the Dollar Tree and just picked out a variety of kid stuff for different ages and genders and had the favors in a basket. Each kid could chose one thing they wanted.

For a cake, cupcakes work great! You won't have to worry about a knife or cutting cake. Just hand out the cupcakes. Also, you should be able to find individual ice cream cups so you won't have to scoop ice cream. Canned soft drinks and juice boxes are easier because you won't have to worry with cups as you would with 2 liters.

As for a theme, I do agree with Amy! Pick something you child likes. If your child is not really into much, then just pick a color theme. It's cheaper to buy solid color paper dishes, utensils, balloons, napkins and tableclothes than themed ones. Even if you do chose a theme, I'd only buy a few things with that theme and keep the rest solid. That way if you don't use it all, you can re-use it at another party (and like I said, solid is cheaper).

Mellissa - posted on 06/06/2010




I had a jumper for my daughter's 1st but she was a lil scared but for the other kids it wuld be nice, I just had a bunch of family n sum friends we mostley ate and just talked aout her, we didnt play games, but the baby is just gonna be held the whole time lol so just have a great time and gud luck with your party save me some cake!!! just have a cute lil theme and invite a bunch of people so u can have great gifts lol

Amy - posted on 06/06/2010




u are gonna want to make this one the biggest! pick what ur child is the most interested in... mickey? cars? princess? whatever it is... focus the party around that. they will enjoy it more being surrounded by their favorite thing.

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