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Danielle - posted on 09/18/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




My daughter is nearly nine months and I have taken a strict stand on no television. She has started to notice it more now and if its on while she's around she gets sucked in. What is the general consensus on the age for preschool cartoons? If she really likes them should I be letting her watch? I do not intend to use the tv as a babysitter but I feel so guilty allowing her to watch. Any ideas?


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Michelle - posted on 09/18/2009




i agree with jennifer. my daughter was very into tv since the day she was born. they cant even see clearly but i think she liked the colors or something. i was sooo against it at first but found their was nothing i could do to stop i gave in. now i let my daughter watch alittle tv every morning to buy me an extra 30 min of sleep or to do some chore u would not get to do otherwise. i recomend curious george. its a really cute show that even i dont mind watching. plus its very colorful

Jennifer - posted on 09/18/2009




Too much of anything is a problem but I honestly did not have problems with my babies watching half an hour of age appropriate shows. Blues Clues taught my oldest how to draw. The Wiggles gave my youngest an appreciation of music. Even at 9 and almost 11 they don't watch a ton of tv. The tv they watch is usually animal planet and the discovery channel so even at the boob tube age they are at least getting something from it. LOL

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