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Whats the deal on baby shots? My boy has had the first 2 sets of them and now i hear that they aren't good for the babies and i should NOT get them! Alot of people say that they cause austism? I have heard to wait till they are older and i have heard that if i wait then they won't work anyway. That the baby needs them when they are supposed to have them. What do you all feel about this?


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Heather - posted on 10/24/2009




I had the same concerns,, so i talked with my doctor, and he has a son with autisim. And he feels strongly that u SHOULD vaccinate ur children, he has done a ton a research on it (because of his son) and they're leaning toward autisim being genetically related.There is no harm in spreading out their shot schedule though if u choose. It's up to you how they do the shots, choose one at a time, the only shot i haven't got my daughter is the flu/ or swine flu...She's almost two and has never been sick. She doesn't go to a daycare and we don't live in a cold climate, so i don't feel that she's at risk, but ur child may be too young for the flu shot if he's only hat 2 sets.. i hope it helps....

Leasa - posted on 10/24/2009




“The decision not to vaccinate is a decision for your child but also a decision for society.” They say that unlike other medical issues where refusing treatment affects only the patient, refusing vaccinations puts others at risk as well, including newborns and people with suppressed immune systems.This is from a post i found on a site about immunizations and autism . Just remember if you choose to NOT vaccinate your child your NOT ONLY endanger your child but others as well. Ask yourself how many other lives are you willing to risk . The decision is ultimately yours but it's not only your child that is effected by that decision. Babies have had these immunizations for years and there are very few reported cases that have been linked to Autism. If you want more information there were several sites i found on the subject of immunizations and autism. Maybe they can help you make a decision thats best for you and put your mind at ease. I hope i've helped you at least a little, Good luck

Brandy - posted on 10/24/2009




Personally, I believe in vaccinating. Well, I don't know how I feel about the H1N1 vaccine yet, but as for the routine immunizations that your baby gets, I think they are necessary. Me and everybody I know had all of our shots growing up and so has my child and all of my friends children and not one of them has had a problem. I think there are risks there but if your kid actually got sick with one of these illnesses, the chances of him dying or having severe complications for the rest of his life would be greater than the odds of having the side effects of the vaccine. Hope this helps.

Victoria - posted on 10/24/2009




well yeah there are mothers out there who get parranoid the cause is inpropper doeseage of the shot that cause and the way it reacts to your child.... they are needed at this age to help the body build up against all that stuff i am in a long family of nurses and doctors i personally would ask your doctor

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