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HELP!!!!!!!!< Need game ideas for a baby boy shower, Please no pretend poo in diapers game ideas, it grosses me out


Liz - posted on 01/03/2012




Oh my I have been to sooo many baby showers! 1. Put a bunch of baby items (like 20) on a serving tray. Walk around the room and let every look for about 30 seconds. Once everyone has looked at the tray, have everyone write down as many things as they can remember. 2. Give everyone 3 clothespins. Tell everyone that if someone says "baby" (or whatever other word you pick) they get to take all of their clothespins. 3. (similar to #1) put a bunch of baby items in paper lunch bags, Staple them shut. Pass them around and have everyone feel what is inside and make a guess (on paper) as to what it is. 4. Have a bowl of Hershey's kisses (or other small item). Pass the bowl around and tell everyone to grab as many as they want. Once the bowl as reached everyone, tell them that they have to give the new mother as many pieces of parenting advice as pieces of candy they picked. 5. Have 2 baby dolls and some diapers. Blindfold two people at a time and have them race to put the diapers on their dolls. Whoever is the fastest goes on until everyone has had a turn. 6. Obtain a dry erase board (big enough for everyone to see). Divide everyone up into teams and play "baby pictionary". 7. Give everyone a new pencil (or pen). Play "pass the pacifier" with everyone putting the pencil in their mouth and transferring the pacifier from one person to the next without using hands. Then there's always baby bingo, word finds or crossword puzzles. Good luck!


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Tracie - posted on 01/08/2012




Talk to the parents-to-be and get the story of how the met/started dating and turn it into a Mad Libs. This was HYSTERICAL!

Do an unexpected version of The Memory Game. Put various baby items on a tray and tell people they have 60 seconds. While they're studying the tray, have the mom-to-be slip out of the room. Then hand out the questionnaire with all questions about the mom, not the tray. What color shirt is she wearing? What earrings does she have on? How is she wearing her hair? etc...

Good luck & have fun!

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Toilet Paper many toilet paper squares goes around "mommy's " belly (being pregnant) everyone gets to guess how many, closest one gets the prize

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You can buy several jars of baby food,number them and then remove the labels. Make a list of what is in each before remoing the labels . Then have each person guess what is inside the jars. Give a prize to who ever gets the most right. Then you can give all of the baby food (with the anwser list) the the soon to be mom. Good Luck!

Sharon - posted on 01/06/2012




Put small gold safety pins with rice. Have the person blindfolded and have to find as many of the pins in a certain amount of time. 2. Have moms guess the mother's girth by each person cutting a piece of yarn. 3. With the pen and paper, have guests draw a picture of a baby with the paper on top of their head. Best baby pic wins!

Stephanie - posted on 01/04/2012




we did diaper bowling. where you ball up a couple of diapers and see who can knock down the most bottles...

Michelle - posted on 01/03/2012




Pass a ball of knitting wool around and ask everyone to guess the size of the pregnant ladie's girth. The person who gets closest wins a prize.

One of my friends did this and her husband was WAY off (too long). He wasn't in the good books :-)

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