Baby wakes 30 min. after going to bed and up for 90 min. to 3 hours...HELP!

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Every night after putting my 4 month old to bed he wakes up 20-30 minutes after and is then up for 90 minutes to 3 hours. I just read a book that said baby awake cycles are 90 minutes long - so he is either up for one or 2 entire awake cycles...and losing a lot of night sleep as a result. This happens EVERY night...I can't find anything on the internet of people with the same problem. How can I get him to sleep through longer at the beginning of the night???

Thanks to everyone so far for the suggestions. Last night he did it bed at 7...slept 20 minutes and was up for 90 minutes. Things were fine after that. I struggle in knowing if he still just needs a later bedtime - or if this would still happen, but just later. If I keep him up longer before bedtime might he just get overtired and have a worse sleep than he is getting now?? He naps wonderfully during the day - goes down every 90 minutes and the naps vary in length from 45 minutes to 90 minutes or so...the evening nap is occuring usually before 5 but only last about 30 minutes. Is this too much sleep? Not enough? So hard to know anymore.


Jany - posted on 01/17/2010




Hi Kendra, Perhaps your baby's schedule is mixed up? Im not a doctor but I think your baby might be getting too much sleep prior to when this is happening. Try to keep a log of how long he sleeps and when. You might want to try keeping him up longer and maybe even feeding him before you put him down for the night. As long as this is only happening at night it would seem your baby is okay. I hope this helps you, it is so hard to be a good mommy when your soo tired. Good Luck!!


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Anna Lyn Lo - posted on 01/18/2010




hello there sweetie.. the reason why ur baby wakes up 20-30 minutes after and is then up for 90 minutes to 3 hours is because he still sleeps alot during the day time my youngest son is 6 months old he also sleeps alot in day time for example he wakes in the morning at 6 am and is up till 8 am and hen falls back to sleep again till 9-9:30 the most till 10am and then stays up again till 12 pm ill give him a bath and then he sleeps again at 1pm-2pm and then gets up again at 3pm then sleeps at 4pm-6pm finally its night time right? then he's up for 2 hrs again then sleeps again and wakes up again he wud sleep again around 11pm till 6am :)

what ure going thru right now is really normal coz he still uses the day time as his night time..soon his sleeping cycle will change :)

some newborns are even worst they sleep the whole day time and up the whole evening..ive experienced that with my eldest :)

Heather - posted on 01/18/2010




When he wakes up at night do you get him up? I have always kept mine in a dark and quiet area in hopes that he would go back to sleep. It has always worked. I later read that is what you should do. He needs to learn that dark and quiet means bedtime. Mine still wakes up a couples times at night to eat, but goes right back to sleep after.
He usually goes to bed between 6 and 7. THis is too early, but he keeps going to sleep around that time and not waking until 11. He gets up in the morning around 6am. I of course would like to move that bedtime and wake up time a little but he gets the mechanics of it. :)

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Hi Kendra,

We really battled with our little one in the beginning (and the 20 minute catnaps followed by absolutely soul destroying crying sessions). I'm not sure which book you have read but at 4 months old you definitely want to aim for about 90 minutes to a maximum of 2 hours awake time. One of our biggest problems was we were over stimulating our bub (as first time parents we enthusiatically bought loads of toys etc and the poor kid was just too overwhelmed to settle down). Once we became more aware of the things we were exposing her too (and started calming down a bit) so did she. Routine is also super important. It may do your head in doing the same thing over and over but once your baby gets familiar with the pattern it will also help keep them calm and relaxed. For bedtime our routine starts at about 18h30 where we have a nice warm bath and a good splash about to burn off the last little bit of energy, followed by a towel dry massage and then a bottle in her room in the dark (with a teaspoon of rice cereal added to the formula). After that is a gentle quiet burping session and cuddle and then down for the night. She usually only wakes at 5am again. On the odd occassion when she does wake before that i usually just change her nappy (in the dark so as not to properly wake her) and then quietly put her back down. I will admit that it took about two weeks to "teach" her this and it was really hard not to pick her up when she was crying but to rather try settle her in her cot. (Shout if you want to know more about some of the settling techniques we used) What's his daytime routine like? Is he grumpy when he's awake?

Hope this helps
Lotsa Luck

Diane - posted on 01/17/2010




My son started sleeping through the night (around 4 months) when we got him on a schedule. Right when he woke up in the morning I would feed him, let him stay up a bit (an hour or so), and then put him down for a nap. He takes three naps throughout the day (1 1/2-2 hours). It was hard at first because he would cry, but after about two weeks he was sleeping through the night and I didn't have to wake up to feed him either. Just try keeping the schedule consistant and see what happends. It helped us out a ton and hopefully it'll help you. Good luck! -Diane

Cate - posted on 01/17/2010




Hi, do you put bub to bed awake or asleep? somtimes babies who are put to bed already asleep can't settle themselves into the next sleep cycle if they wake somewhere different to where they fell asleep. try not picking him up when he wakes, patting or rocking his bed until he is drifting off again, even try to catch him just before he is really awake, this will help him learn to sleep for longer, then you slowly reduce the time you attend him for. we had this prob with our 1 yrold at the same age and she now (mainly) sleeps thru! hope this helps and isn't to confusing!!

Melissa - posted on 01/17/2010




Oh sweetie sorry! First are you letting baby just cry for awhile b/f going in. My little ones wake up at night and I jsut let them be so they learn to fall back to sleep. I read this book when my first wasn't sleeping and it said that babies have to learn how to sleep -like falling back to sleep. It might take awhile to retrain baby and you might have to suffer through some crying but it will be awesome if baby ends up sleeping. As much as you wnat to Don't go rescue them or it just ruins it. Also, it may depend on the age of baby. He might need to start eating more. 4 months is a normal growth time. Some say its too early for cereal in some milk but hey if you get to sleep it doesn't hurt them. Try some baby sleep websites/books. And realize -THIS TOO SHALL PASS. Hang in there and I hope that you get this figured out asap -for all your sakes. And see according to Jamie your not alone so keep reaching out. You'll figure it out b/c your supermom -right! :)

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