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Rose - posted on 04/20/2010 ( 1 mom has responded )




so this is my fisrt time ranting on here hope thats ok. a couple weeks ago i was searching for a babysitter for my 8 month old so i could go back to work, no luck finding one, no luck finding a job. we live in a 2 bedroom apartment in austin and to my surprise an older woman (over 40) with a 10 month old moved in right next door. she didnt even talk to me for the first 3 weeks, then caught me on my way for a walk with my baby, jacob. she was nervous, she had her son, landon, with her when she stroke up a conversation about how her husband wanted her to get a job and she needed to, this and that. so out of reaction i offered "well, im here anyway so if you ever need a sitter" which is true im stuck in the apartment 24/7 with the baby, no car, no job, no money. my boyfriend or "babys daddy" just recently lost his job, great job, and is trying to find other. well about a week prior to that, my son was sick and i didnt know how to work a very complicated thermomater that jsut so happen to be broke. so i broke down and knocked on her door, she tried to explain it to me and send me on my way. few minutes later she was knocking on my door telling me to come over with the baby to try another thermomater. when i did we started to discuss this offer. so the next day i watched her boy, little did she know that was my first time babysitting by myself for more than 20 minutes lol. i did good and a couple days later she used me again, gone for about 3 hours for 20 bucks? like i said ive never babysat so i dont know the costs yet. she then informs me that she wants me to meet her husband and open the door to becoming her full time babysitter while she works. so i get a job AND im the babysitter, handling 2 kids, one thats not mine, equels a little more stress, but after nap time, pop in a disney movie, change, feed, sing to, and its just an old fashion play-date. but how much am i suppose to charge? i mean 20 bucks is kinda cheap and i think she knows im kinda nieve about it, but i also dont want to be rude asking for more money???


Lindsay - posted on 04/20/2010




I was a nanny for ten years before I had my daughter and would get amazing amounts of money. Post baby I started doing some part time babysitting so I can be at home with my daughter, but at a much lower rate, I'm in Maryland and the going weekday rate for a SAHM is $10 an hour. I only work 20 hours a week.

For full time I think you need to work out a flat rate with her. I would consider your pay based on her pay. However if you are already there with yours and hers maybe there is another child to add to the mix so you can make a little more.

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