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I'm obviously a SAHM. I homeschool my daughter, who's 7. This past year has been a challenge as I also have a *very* active toddler. I was going to teach my daughter thru the summer.
Now it appears as I might be babysitting my sister's son who is 5. I've watched him before, and he just doesn't listen well at all. He's been in preschool for the past 6 mos. since I was keeping him regularly, so hopefully that will help with some of that.
What would be a fair rate for me to babysit him? Also I'm not going to make my daughter have to miss out on summer fun activities with her friends just because I don't have the money to bring him along too. How do I handle that one?
My sister is used to my parents & brother running my niece back & forth to gym, and getting my nephew from school and keeping him til she gets home, but they can't do it anymore b/c my mom works full time and my dad & brother are both in school this summer.
She's married but he's in & out of the picture and cannot be relied on it at all to handle the childcare burden.


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I would do a set rate. Make it a little higher than the average in your area to cover the outings. I wouldn't charge per outing because then you'll have to do a lot of planning ahead and communication and that gets complicated. I mean, what if you want to stop for ice cream on the way home and your sister didn't send money for that? So just cover all the "extras" in your babysitting rate.

As far as him not listening, it's YOUR house and YOU set the rules. If he says, "Mom lets me do that" say, "Do I look like your mom? No. This is what we do here." Be consistent with the consequences of not listening. He'll probably test you, but after he sees he's not getting away with it, it'll get better. My mother-in-law used to keep kids and she said the kids would be wonderful for her, and as soon as the parents walked in the door they would start misbehaving.

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I would suggest calling around to some in-home daycares and see what they charge for a 5 yr old full time (if he is there 3 days or more a week). This will give you an idea of what the going rate in your area is. Most areas it will be $150-$200 on the low end. Also ask if this covers outings that they may do that may cost extra. Some places will charge more per week, but not charge individually for the outings. I would say if you feel there might be a payment issue of her not sending the extra money with on the days you do the outings then I would add it into your weekly rate. Most day cares do not do running around for activities kids may be in....parents are expected to transport them if the child is in activities that are outside of day care. If this is something you are willing to help out with it would not be unreasonable to adjust your weekly rate to include expenses you will incure for gas and your time. I do this for the kids I watch if I am taking them to preschool and picking them up. I have a set weekly rate for those that use me to transport their kids to preschool. The rate stays the same no matter if we do a preschool transport 3 times that week or no times that week.

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Depends on the time frame you will be watching him. FAIR is 5 an hour, assuming it adds up to 8 hrs a day then 200 a week. However, this may not be feasible. I watch my 14 y/o nephew in the summer and all I ask is for my brother in law to send money for outtings and food. Adds up to about 100 a week give or take. Hope this helps.

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what if you point out some of you concerns to her like maybe set a day of the week where you go to the local water park or whatever and say "ok can you send an extra $3 to cover his fee. As far as a babysitting rate I would see what she is paying for preschool and maybe ask like 1/2 or a 1/4 of that cost. Maybe do it hourly like $4 an hour or something depending on how many hours a day you will have him. I really was never good at setting babysitting prices lol. But I would for sure ask for help on the fun stuff making a point to say you dont want HIM to miss out.


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Tricia - posted on 06/13/2010




Let her know she will have to pay for the cost for him when there are activities to do. Also suggest that she provide just a bit for food, because that does build up.
As for charging her, that would be between you & her. I would suggest that you homeschool him a bit while you have him, that way you daughter has someone to do projects with.

Nikki - posted on 06/13/2010




Id ask for money for the outings, but I dont know about a babysitting rate, its family, would she not return the favor and help you out if need be?

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