Back to work over a year want to work from home. Any ideas?

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I have been back to work for a little over a year now and saw some of the posts about working from home. I really miss being at home with my kids (3yr old & 6mon old). Do those things really work or do you have to spend a whole lot to even get started? How do I get started? Help!!

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Hi. I'm a stay/work at home mom. I have a 4y/o and a just turned 2 y/o boys and I started working from home in March of this year. The way I did it was actually by looking for a new career path so when I would go back to work, I would have have a new set of skills that were marketable. I was a Biology major in college and had worked in the environmental field for some time until I had my first son. I actually looked into the health care field since a few of my family members in health care. Medical billing and coding is something that can be done from home, but you have to get the correct education. The for-profit route is risky, so I would opt for courses at a Junior College. Billing and coding was not for me so I enrolled in a Cancer Registry certificate program online at a JC. This was perfect for me considering my degree. Through one of my assignments, I got hooked up with a consultant who allows me to work from home doing much of what I would be doing once I complete the program and seek employment. I have never looked into those "work from home" programs because from what I've heard, most are scams. I think to legitimately do it, a lot of research and hard work, and networking is what you have to do.

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