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my six year old son backtalks and does not think he needs to listen. when i tell him he is going to get his butt smacked he says "good" and when i do smack his butt he says "that didn't hurt" and than laughes. and he does not listen. any ideas, i am gettin so frustrated at times. please if you have any tips please send them my way


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I agree.

The taking away tactic works wonders if you are cool as ice when you do it and consistant. Then turn around and surprise him with praise when he does something good. Also, keep your affect consistant with his behavior each time. Get the unimpressed, "solem" face when he acts up and the "pleasantly surprised and impressed" face when he does well. You'll have him trained in no time. - Ex-Teacher, Stay at home mom now.

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I'm sure he's got something that if you took it away every time he talks back to you, he would miss :) It may be a gaming system, a night out with friends, cell phone, tv, anything. Don't be afraid to take it from him and let him know that back talking will not be fun for him. If he thinks it's a game, he will keep doing it. He's still young enough for time outs as well. Have him sit with his nose in a corner for 6 minutes (longer if he fights it. It's ok to move around and look around, but not to get up....this is a control issue and with it you are saying that you have control to make him stay). When he comes out, let him know he needs to come and talk to you and apologize to you. Make sure you then tell him you love him and that it will not be tolerated. If he does it again, such and such will happen. Just be consistant and make sure he knows you love him at the same time :) Good luck!

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Time out chair, or start taking away privlages!!!! To sit in time out for a bit makes him realize what he has done and remembers what he done wrong ..So he doesn't do it again...Make sure he knows why he is in time out.. Ask him to apologize after he tells you what he did wrong, before gettting up.. Let him know he will sit even longer if he can't remain calm in time out..and that he will return again if he continues being bold... Make sure while in time out there is nothing he can play with, other children stay away from him, and keep to the same time out spot while home..It may take a few trys, but young children don't like sitting, doing nothing, staring at a wall...Good luck and be patient...

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My daughter is 20 and still back talks, but what goes around comes back around. She has a 2 year and he back talks, spits, bites and she has tried everything and nothing works. She even put him on time out on chair and he went to sleep. So he didn't learn a thing.

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