Bad habits I don't want the little one to pick up

Ashley - posted on 11/16/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




So this goes a little deeper than actual parenting, but my man has bad habits with the pets i have asked him to stop, he does for a short time then starts again. Not only will these bread habits be picked up by little one but also our cats are undisciplined with terrible habits!!!
With that said our cats put their noses in our plates while eating, taught them how to beg, feeds them off our dishes, and treats them for bad behavior, i can't discipline them without a doubt breaking out and him not speaking to me all night, he tries to let them sleep with us at night but i lock them out of the room. I love cats I'm a car person but have boundaries, he doesn't.
Now my biggest fear is that our little one will see him doing it and think it is okay and pick up these habits and if i try discipline it will be worse because it is like child. He does things behind my back with the cats i don't want this to happen with our daughter because it will teach her manipulative behavior. Even after i ask him too not do these things he still does and i feel very disrespected.
On top of this he treats the cats better than me, I'm not jealous, but he compliments the cats cuddles with them and let them lay in my side of the bed which makes me sneeze alot also they have fleas that we are trying to get rid of. He doesn't do any of this with me though he sits on a different couch and doesn't compliment me, calls me fat and I'm 9 months pregnant!!! But he says how pretty the cats are. I want to get rid of them but that has been proved impossible. How can i get him to stop these habits before our daughter starts to pick them up???
My biggest one is the dishes!!!! They 4 of their own bowls, we don't have a dish washer and our water doesn't get very hot, i feel it is unsanitary and unnecessary, makes me sick just thinking about it, i tell him but doesn't listen, this is another habit i don't want little one picking up because it is disrespectful. I thought we came up with a compromise but in the end it would still teach her these bad habits. HELP!!!


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