Balance for the Type A SAHM

M. Rose - posted on 03/29/2010 ( 1 mom has responded )




This is something I really need help with... I mean above most everything else. How do you manage the home without going crazy!? I only have one child (13 mos) and I feel overwhelmed like every few days, tired and disorganized, sometimes depressed. I try to be organized, and I used to be perfectly before I got pregnant. Now I'm never on time getting places, I don't know what to serve my son for lunch (i think i feed him too much), I can't seem to ever have meals made ahead, have games planned to do with the baby so neither of us are not bore, even a shower at the same times every week (meaning I'll miss days). I know I get a bit distracted online, and I spend time reading in the evenings but is that really my choice - relax with a book or shower and do meal plans? I'm glad to have bills paid on time but that's probably the only thing I do on time.

I'm also wondering if I should go back to work b/c of our money situation. But my husband would rather me stay home. I wouldn't mind being home if I could figure this thing out.

So is there a secret? Or does this just go on until all my kids are like 4?

I pray about doing what's important over urgent. I try to just enjoy the day but most of the time I'm not enjoying the day or the baby, but feeling stressed, tired, unaccomplished and bored with playing peek a boo or trying to stacks blocks with him.


Brandi - posted on 03/29/2010




Join a moms club! Being a SAHM can be a study in frustration and boredom some days, but having a play group to go to once or twice a week is wonderful. Most of the other moms are there for themselves not nessarly for thier childrens enjoyment. I find just getting out of the house for a few hours recharges me and brings everything back into focus. I remember why I love my 'job.'

Try looking for a International moms Club near you, and they will hook you up with a playgroup for your childs age and many of them have babysitting co-ops also!

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