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Nicole - posted on 01/25/2010 ( 5 moms have responded )




I have a 5 month old still sleeping in his bassinet next to our bed. When is it a good time to move to his crib? Ill try and put him in his crib for nap time and hes up within a half of hour..


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Dominique - posted on 01/25/2010




You should really start NOW. Now is when your son will be rolling over and trying to sit himself up. He will soon in a few months, try to climb out of the bassinet which can be very dangerous. You should keep trying, putting him in his crib for naptime. The longer you do it without skipping naps, even if its just 30mins. Your son will get used to waking up in his crib, you should eventually start putting him in it at night. He may wake up a few times out of the night but as long as you keep with the routine he will sleep longer and through the night. It will take time for him to adjust so be patient with him. He will learn that he is suppose to sleep in his crib.

Brittany - posted on 01/25/2010




my little guy is a big baby! lol. he was in he bassinet next to our bed for the first 3 months. when he got too big to fit into it any more, i put him in his pack & play with the bassinet part in it (more room so it was like a crib). he slept in that next to our bed until 5 months old, and then at 5 months he went into his crib in the room he shares with his brother. everything went really smoothly (except for the fact that now at 7 months he has still not slept through the night!!! : ) )

Missy - posted on 01/25/2010




Once my kids reached the size that the bassinet could handle then I moved them out. I believe they both ended up being around 3 months or so you should be ok to move them him into a crib. My 2 didn't seem to mind switching from one to the other. If your bassinet is next to your bed then he may think that is a safe zone so if the crib isn't close to your bed that might be the problem. You might want to try the crib but not in your bedroom or close to your bed, if he gets use to sleeping there close by it will be hared down the road to break him. If you put him in at night if he starts crying sometimes you have to left him cry some eventually if nothing is wrong he will quit & go to sleep. But if he cries & you run to him then he will know how to get his way all the time.

Kayla - posted on 01/25/2010




My 4 and a half month old was in her bassinet next to my bed and any time I moved she would wake up. So I tried her in her crib in her own room one night and ever since she pretty much sleeps through the night!!!! I got a video baby monitor and that makes me feel a lot better about putting her in her own room! I also put her in her crib for naps and she doesnt sleep that long but at night she does. I also have a routine every night. I will give her a bath and then nurse her... A little rocking and she is usually asleep! She knows once bath time rolls around its gonna be bedtime! So I think it is good to get them into a routine! Hope I helped! Good luck!

Jamie - posted on 01/25/2010




I would put him into it. Most makers say 3 months old or 15lbs which ever comes first. Bella is getting ready to go into her crib it makes me so sad!

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