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I give my almost ten month old son a bath every other night, or every two nights because he suffers from dry skin and I had woman tell me that was disgusting... what should I do, bathe him more and make him suffer from dry skin or just ignore it, how often do you all bathe your babies??


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My 10 month old daughter has dry skin too, a mild case of eczema, I still bath her every night. She gets dirty. I just make sure I use lotions on her. She has a prescription ointment for her eczema, other wise Aquapher or Vasoline works real well.

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My son had dry skin as well heavy bump texture and red. The doctor said to stay away from most baby products, they usually contain scents and ALCOHOL that dry there skin even more. I would check the ingredients on your products. Also we were told to give a bath every 3 days.My son is almost 5 months now. We were given a list of washes and lotions. Eucerine, Aquaphor,Cetephil. These are a little more pricey but I felt worth it. I use the Eucerine wash and lotion on him. I lotion him 1-2 times a day and after his bath. With time It has really helped all has cleared up bust a quarter sized spot.

I hope this helps.

As usual it is just what works for us and just thought I would share.

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Don't let other women put you down, only you know whats best for you and your baby! I bathe my two month old almost every night because it helps soothe him before bed but that works for us.

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My son was born with eczema and has always have dry skin. Since birth we have tried a variety of bathing techniques and the one that we found works was aveeno oatmeal bath for babies along with their shampoo and body wash. I would wash his hair and body everyday before a real bath and then let him soak in the oatmeal. I have always bathed my son every night after supper and sometimes once during the day. another thing that i used was hydrocortizone cream on the spots on his body that are really bad to help soothe the itching and the rest of his body we would use aveeno mosturizer. thats just my personal routine. what ever works for you and your child is your progitive.

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