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Im stuck on bed rest until Feb 26th possibly even longer if the Drs cant figure out whats causing my urge to push when Im on my feet, I feel like Im going insane, is there anything I can do other then watch tv, read or be on the internet that wont make me have caged mokey fever?


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Natalie - posted on 02/17/2010




i know EXACTLY how you feel. i was put on bedrest (strict; only allowed to get up to use the bathroom) at 26 weeks with my twin boys. i made it to 36 weeks 6 days so 10 weeks and 6 days in the bed!!! it was so horrible at the time. my husband set up a table right by the bed for all my magazines, books, laptop, etc. one thing that helped me a lot was my notebook. i made lists about things to do before the babies came, things to do after, etc. just keeping my mind on that stuff seemed to help. in the end there isn't that many options you have to do but just remember that each day you make it without going into labor means your baby stays out of the NICU for another week. you could also start your baby book!

best of luck! before you know it all this down time will be over and you will have no down time. take care!!!

Kathy - posted on 02/17/2010




I know the feeling, was on bedreast for 3 mths with my first child. You feel like you are going insane. I would have to say that reading was my thing and I tried the finding an activity or crafty thing to do but was bored by all of them. I found that reading really kept my mind wrapped up in "somewhere else" or something else. If I was trying to crochet or scrapbook I'd find my mind wandering back into the depression and boredom. Good luck!!

Yuki - posted on 02/17/2010




Bed rest is the pits. I ended up knitting sweaters for me, my husband, my daughter and the new baby. I also used that time to write in my journal or read books that I'd been putting off. Try to keep your mind active and use the time the best you can to your advantage to get things done that you otherwise wouldn't have the time for. Turn off the tv. That always brought me down. Good luck!

Tanya - posted on 02/17/2010




You could possibly tap into your creative side-- draw, write short stories, sew, some other sit down type crafts. scrap book. best of luck to you and baby.

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