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Gemma - posted on 04/22/2011 ( 6 moms have responded )




morning all we have recently been having trouble getting our 19 month old little boy to sleep in his cot he falls asleep on us and we put him down but he just keeps waking up and not sleeping until he is with us. how do i start to get him back in his routine of going to bed at 7 in his own bed


Cheryl - posted on 04/23/2011




My daughter goes to sleep at 7 every night. Since she has been 2 months old she has been in her own room and cotbed (she is now 16 months old) we put a bedtime routine into place.... Bath, milk, bedtime song, book and bed. We place her in her cot with kisses and cuddles usually saying "Mummy and Daddy love you, sweet dreams beautiful" or some such. Sometimes she will gurgle to herself for a little while, sometimes she will cry for a minute or two and sometimes she will go straight to sleep.... but the key is to let her do all that, to self sooth. To get her to that point we did use to have to used 'controlled crying', so basically would go in after allowing them 5minutes of crying, then 10minutes, then 15minutes then every 20minutes (though I must say sometimes I couldn't last more than 10), every time one of us went in we would basically repeat what we would do when we put her down. Pick her up, kisses and cuddles, tell her Mummy and Daddy love her and goodnight. It was hard work, not going to lie about it, but after a week of constantly doing it she did get into the routine and went off straight away (unless ill... but thats different as we all know XD). With the controlled crying I found that sometimes it would take 2hours before she slept.... but it did get better. Just keep reminding yourself "it's just a a phase", unfortunitly that means good and bad sleep are both phases.... :)

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i had the same issue with my son, we got him a toddler bed, told him mama and dada had a bed and now he got a big kid bed, it was hard at first, the first night he was so excited, but the rest of the week he would scream- i would just go in there put him in bed tell hime it was okay and walk out- which really made it seem worse- but after about a week he got used to it- what ever you decide to do just be consistent - things in his world are going to change, and as long as you do everything the same he will come around- Good Luck!

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I put my two in bed at 8:30 but my son will often be sitting up until 11 lately. When my kids were younger they wanted to sleep with us. But we didn't let them come in our bed. There have been a few nights when they cried themselves to sleep. We have mainly stuck to our routine and stuck to not letting them in with us. Some people don't like letting your kid cry it out but it was the only way that worked for us.

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i dont know how to get a little one in bed at 7. lol. my 20 month old daughter doesnt sleep til like 11 (whole other story) but i would say now would be the best time to get him to self soothe. better now than later imo. :) is he in a crib or toddler bed? we had a hard time getting my daughter to sleep in a crib as well, we moved her to a toddler bed at 14 months and ever since she has been a fantastic sleeper. we had to go in quite a few times to put her back in bed and tell her it was bed time at first. but now no issues at all. i would say just keep trying, and also dont be afraid to let him cry a little. we give my daughter mostly water a little juice in a sippy before bed and turn on a lullaby cd, so now she knows when its bed time. be consistent. and stay strong, it doesnt take more than a week and everyone is happier after! hope this helped.

also he cant stay up forever! theyre bound to fall out eventually!


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With the controlled crying it's important to only count the time they are actually crying :) sometimes your baby may stop for a minute or two, and unless that is because they are just catching their breath (you will tell the difference because you will hear it).... I would advice you start the clock again when they start crying again. It really is hard, but it does get better :) just hang in there. Remember you have a limit and no matter what anyone says you have to find something that works for you. You can do it!!

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Yay, all these mommies are soo correct :D the self soothing method WORKS. my son is 5 months old and it took TWO DAYS to teach him. The first night was H E L L, no joke. I had to listen to him cry for an hour before he fell asleep on his own. But the next day it was only 20-30 minutes and he was fine and he's been napping on his own ever since!!!! He doesn't fuss or cry anymore. It truly works and doesn't take long at all :)

I let him cry until he became 'hysterical' (took 20 minutes) came out, and although they say not to pick them up, he was so upset I did, and after a few minutes he started to calm down and then act back up so I figured ok, this is as good as calm is going to get.. I put him back down and walked away again. 15 minutes more of crying, then 5 minutes of playing with lone cries inbetween, then 15 minutes of total quiet play and then he was sleeping!!!! A true miracle. He's so much better overall now too :) Good luck!

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