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Angie - posted on 01/26/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




Just wondering how many of you mommies have switched your little ones to a bed from a crib?? I've recently noticed that my daughter doesn't like sleeping in her crib anymore. She tosses and turns quite a bit and I think she may be kicking/hitting the rails, which in turn wakes her up - & she definitely doesn't like it! I'm wondering if maybe now it's a good time to switch her to a small bed with the soft side rails. Do you guys think it's too early? I worry about her falling off the bed (wouldn't be much of a fall as the bed would be almost to the ground). Would love to hear from both "crib & bed mommies"
Thanks! :)


Mary-Ann - posted on 01/26/2010




Sounds like it's time to me. This is what my Daughter was doing all the time. Kept hitting her head on the rails, kicking them and so on. We started by taking the drop rail off the bed and put a body pillow on the floor beside it just in case she fell out. We did not use a bed rail since you aren't supposed to use them with a crib. anyway she fell out once about a week after the switch and never again. We switched her at 20 months, she will be 3 in a few months. If you are worried about the fall, you could just put a mattress on the floor. to start and get a bed frame later.

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My son was exactly the same way when he was 10 months old. he would wake up all the time with his legs through the rails,or his face up them. At 10.5 months we took down his crib and put a single bed mattress on the floor...that way it was only a few inches off the floor. We even tried putting the side rail up but that made it worse b/c he did the same thing to it and even tried to climb over it....which made for a longer it was just the mattress without a rail. He did WAAAAY better. The single bed provided him with the space he needed to toss and turn without waking up, After 3 months we put the box spring under the bed and put a foam mattress beside the bed. Jayden is now 2 and has been in a full size twin bed (with the foam mattress still on the floor....he has never fallen out, but it gives him the extra lift he needs to climb into bed) since he was 18 months old. So, in my opinion, time to get her out of the crib into something that suits her sleeping will help both of you!


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Amy - posted on 01/26/2010




Then its time for her to go into a big girl bed. If you think shes not getting enough sleep ,you can get the rails for your bed at most baby stores and deptment store.

Give it a try ,it won"t hurt you or her. You both will sleep much better. Good luck.

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