bed wetting


Michael - posted on 09/03/2013




I had the same problem but to fix it was easy.they know thier not supposed to wet the bed what they want is your is what I did.First I played with them i used clay because it's cheap and can be reused.I had them make an little buddy for themselves and told them for every day the bed stayed dry I would let them play with the clay for 20 here is the good part I let them take thier new friend to bed with them that gave them the security they needed.After a few mis-haps the wetting stopped.I think the reason it worked is I didn't kiln the clay and said (after it air dryed)you know if he gets wet he will fall apart.Three weeks later she didn't even want me to help.hope this helps.FYI it works for alot of other things like first day at school(after I kilned the buddy ect.

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